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Sinorhizobium medicae sp. nov., isolated from annual Medicago spp.
S Rome, MP Fernandez, B Brunel, P Normand, JC Cleyet-Marel
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Polyphasic classification of the genus Photorhabdus and proposal of new taxa: P. luminescens subsp. luminescens subsp. nov., P. luminescens subsp. akhurstii subsp. nov., P …
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Mesorhizobium metallidurans sp. nov., a metal-resistant symbiont of Anthyllis vulneraria growing on metallicolous soil in Languedoc, France
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Horizontal gene transfer and homologous recombination drive the evolution of the nitrogen-fixing symbionts of Medicago species
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Nitrogen-fixing sinorhizobia with Medicago laciniata constitute a novel biovar (bv. medicaginis) of S. meliloti
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Effects of Medicago truncatula genetic diversity, rhizobial competition, and strain effectiveness on the diversity of a natural Sinorhizobium species community
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Molecular and phenotypic characterization of strains nodulating Anthyllis vulneraria in mine tailings, and proposal of Aminobacter anthyllidis sp. nov., the first definition of …
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Genome-wide transcriptional responses of two metal-tolerant symbiotic Mesorhizobium isolates to zinc and cadmium exposure
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Local and systemic N signaling are involved in Medicago truncatula preference for the most efficient Sinorhizobium symbiotic partners
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New Phytologist 195 (2), 437-449, 2012
CadA of Mesorhizobium metallidurans isolated from a zinc-rich mining soil is a PIB-2-type ATPase involved in cadmium and zinc resistance
G Maynaud, B Brunel, E Yashiro, M Mergeay, JC Cleyet-Marel, ...
Research in microbiology 165 (3), 175-189, 2014
Co-inoculation of a pea core-collection with diverse rhizobial strains shows competitiveness for nodulation and efficiency of nitrogen fixation are distinct traits in the …
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Degradation of iprodione by a soil Arthrobacter-like strain.
P Athiel, C Mercadier, D Vega, J Bastide, P Davet, B Brunel, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 61 (9), 3216-3220, 1995
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