Jun Lin
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Functionalized mesoporous silica materials for controlled drug delivery
P Yang, S Gai, J Lin
Chemical Society Reviews 41 (9), 3679-3698, 2012
Recent progress in rare earth micro/nanocrystals: soft chemical synthesis, luminescent properties, and biomedical applications
S Gai, C Li, P Yang, J Lin
Chemical reviews 114 (4), 2343-2389, 2014
Fabrication, patterning, and optical properties of nanocrystalline YVO4 : A (A = Eu3+, Dy3+, Sm3+, Er3+) phosphor films via sol-gel soft lithography
M Yu, J Lin, Z Wang, J Fu, S Wang, HJ Zhang, YC Han
Chemistry of Materials 14 (5), 2224-2231, 2002
How to produce white light in a single-phase host?
M Shang, C Li, J Lin
Chemical Society Reviews 43 (5), 1372-1386, 2014
Rare earth fluoride nano-/microcrystals: synthesis, surface modification and application
C Li, J Lin
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (33), 6831-6847, 2010
Synthesis of Magnetic, Up‐Conversion Luminescent, and Mesoporous Core–Shell‐Structured Nanocomposites as Drug Carriers
S Gai, P Yang, C Li, W Wang, Y Dai, N Niu, J Lin
Advanced Functional Materials 20 (7), 1166-1172, 2010
Silica Spheres Coated with YVO4:Eu3+ Layers via Sol-Gel Process: A Simple Method To Obtain Spherical Core-Shell Phosphors
M Yu, J Lin, J Fang
Chemistry of Materials 17 (7), 1783 - 1791, 2005
Highly uniform and monodisperse β-NaYF4: Ln3+ (Ln= Eu, Tb, Yb/Er, and Yb/Tm) hexagonal microprism crystals: hydrothermal synthesis and luminescent properties
C Li, Z Quan, J Yang, P Yang, J Lin
Inorganic chemistry 46 (16), 6329-6337, 2007
Current advances in lanthanide ion (Ln 3+)-based upconversion nanomaterials for drug delivery
D Yang, Z Hou, Z Cheng, C Li, J Lin
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (6), 1416-1448, 2015
Gold-coated iron (Fe@ Au) nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization, and magnetic field-induced self-assembly
J Lin, W Zhou, A Kumbhar, J Wiemann, J Fang, EE Carpenter, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 159 (1), 26-31, 2001
In vivo multimodality imaging and cancer therapy by near-infrared light-triggered trans-platinum pro-drug-conjugated upconverison nanoparticles
Y Dai, H Xiao, J Liu, Q Yuan, P Ma, D Yang, C Li, Z Cheng, Z Hou, P Yang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (50), 18920-18929, 2013
Layered organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites: structure, optical properties, film preparation, patterning and templating engineering
Z Cheng, J Lin
CrystEngComm 12 (10), 2646-2662, 2010
A magnetic, luminescent and mesoporous core–shell structured composite material as drug carrier
P Yang, Z Quan, Z Hou, C Li, X Kang, Z Cheng, J Lin
Biomaterials 30 (27), 4786-4795, 2009
Facile synthesis and photoluminescent properties of redispersible CeF3, CeF3 : Tb3+, and CeF3 : Tb3+/LaF3 (core/shell) nanoparticles
ZL Wang, ZW Quan, PY Jia, CK Lin, Y Luo, Y Chen, J Fang, W Zhou, ...
Chemistry of Materials 18 (8), 2030-2037, 2006
Bioactive, luminescent and mesoporous europium-doped hydroxyapatite as a drug carrier
P Yang, Z Quan, C Li, X Kang, H Lian, J Lin
Biomaterials 29 (32), 4341-4347, 2008
Different Microstructures of β-NaYF4 Fabricated by Hydrothermal Process:  Effects of pH Values and Fluoride Sources
C Li, J Yang, Z Quan, P Yang, D Kong, J Lin
Chemistry of Materials 19 (20), 4933-4942, 2007
Recent progress in luminescence tuning of Ce 3+ and Eu 2+-activated phosphors for pc-WLEDs
G Li, Y Tian, Y Zhao, J Lin
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (23), 8688-8713, 2015
Preparation and luminescence properties of hybrid materials containing europium(III) complexes covalently bonded to a silica matrix
HR Li, J Lin, HJ Zhang
Chemistry of Materials 14 (9), 3651-3655, 2002
Sol-gel synthesis and photoluminescent properties of LaPO4 : A (A = Eu3+, Ce3+, Tb3+) nanocrystalline thin films
M Yu, J Lin, J Fu, HJ Zhang, YC Han
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY 13 (6), 1413-1419, 2003
In (OH) 3 and In2O3 nanorod bundles and spheres: microemulsion-mediated hydrothermal synthesis and luminescence properties
J Yang, C Lin, Z Wang, J Lin
Inorganic chemistry 45 (22), 8973-8979, 2006
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