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Outbreak of urogenital schistosomiasis in Corsica (France): an epidemiological case study
J Boissier, S Grech-Angelini, BL Webster, JF Allienne, T Huyse, ...
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Schistosomiasis chemotherapy
SAL Thétiot‐Laurent, J Boissier, A Robert, B Meunier
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Schistosomiasis haematobium, Corsica, France
A Berry, H Moné, X Iriart, G Mouahid, O Aboo, J Boissier, J Fillaux, ...
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Molecular determinants of compatibility polymorphism in the Biomphalaria glabrata/Schistosoma mansoni model: new candidates identified by a global comparative proteomics approach
E Roger, G Mitta, Y Moné, A Bouchut, A Rognon, C Grunau, J Boissier, ...
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Schistosomiasis reaches Europe
J Boissier, H Moné, G Mitta, MD Bargues, D Molyneux, S Mas-Coma
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Synthesis of “Trioxaquantel”® Derivatives as Potential New Antischistosomal Drugs
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Introgressive hybridizations of Schistosoma haematobium by Schistosoma bovis at the origin of the first case report of schistosomiasis in Corsica (France, Europe)
H Moné, MC Holtfreter, JF Allienne, R Mintsa-Nguéma, M Ibikounlé, ...
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Population genetic structure of rock ptarmigan in the ‘sky islands’ of French Pyrenees: implications for conservation
N Bech, J Boissier, S Drovetski, C Novoa
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Experimental observations on the sex ratio of adult Schistosoma mansoni, with comments on the natural male bias
J Boissier, H Mone
Parasitology 121 (4), 379-383, 2000
Evidence for a permanent presence of schistosomiasis in Corsica, France, 2015
A Berry, J Fillaux, G Martin-Blondel, J Boissier, X Iriart, B Marchou, ...
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A review of performance and pathogenicity of male and female Schistosoma mansoni during the life-cycle
J Boissier, S Morand, H Moné
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Antischistosomal activity of trioxaquines: in vivo efficacy and mechanism of action on Schistosoma mansoni
J Portela, J Boissier, B Gourbal, V Pradines, V Collière, F Coslédan, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 6 (2), e1474, 2012
Evidence for specific genotype-dependent immune priming in the lophotrochozoan Biomphalaria glabrata snail
J Portela, D Duval, A Rognon, R Galinier, J Boissier, C Coustau, G Mitta, ...
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Cheap, rapid and efficient DNA extraction method to perform multilocus microsatellite genotyping on all Schistosoma mansoni stages
S Beltran, R Galinier, JF Allienne, J Boissier
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H Mone, J Boissier
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The roles of Dmrt (Double sex/Male-abnormal-3 Related Transcription factor) genes in sex determination and differentiation mechanisms: Ubiquity and diversity across the animal …
MAL Picard, C Cosseau, G Mouahid, D Duval, C Grunau, È Toulza, ...
Comptes rendus biologies 338 (7), 451-462, 2015
Sex-biased transcriptome of Schistosoma mansoni: host-parasite interaction, genetic determinants and epigenetic regulators are associated with sexual differentiation
MAL Picard, J Boissier, D Roquis, C Grunau, JF Allienne, D Duval, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 10 (9), e0004930, 2016
Epigenetic and phenotypic variability in populations of Schistosoma mansoni– a possible kick‐off for adaptive host/parasite evolution
C Cosseau, A Azzi, A Rognon, J Boissier, S Gourbière, E Roger, G Mitta, ...
Oikos 119 (4), 669-678, 2010
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