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Biomonitoring of traffic air pollution in Rome using magnetic properties of tree leaves
E Moreno, L Sagnotti, J Dinarès-Turell, A Winkler, A Cascella
Atmospheric Environment 37 (21), 2967-2977, 2003
Rock magnetic detection of distal ice-rafted debries: clue for the identification of Heinrich layers on the Portuguese margin
N Thouveny, E Moreno, D Delanghe, L Candon, Y Lancelot, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 180 (1-2), 61-75, 2000
Geomagnetic moment variation and paleomagnetic excursions since 400 kyr BP: a stacked record from sedimentary sequences of the Portuguese margin
N Thouveny, J Carcaillet, E Moreno, G Leduc, D Nérini
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 219 (3-4), 377-396, 2004
Climatic and oceanographic changes in the Northeast Atlantic reflected by magnetic properties of sediments deposited on the Portuguese Margin during the last 340 ka
E Moreno, N Thouveny, D Delanghe, IN McCave, NJ Shackleton
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 202 (2), 465-480, 2002
Inter-laboratory calibration of low-field magnetic and anhysteretic susceptibility measurements
L Sagnotti, P Rochette, M Jackson, F Vadeboin, J Dinarès-Turell, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 138 (1), 25-38, 2003
Disentangling late Quaternary climatic and seismo-tectonic controls on Lake Mucubají sedimentation (Mérida Andes, Venezuela)
E Carrillo, C Beck, FA Audemard, E Moreno, R Ollarves
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 259 (2-3), 284-300, 2008
Radiocarbon age of late glacial deep water from the equatorial Pacific
W Broecker, E Clark, S Barker, I Hajdas, G Bonani, E Moreno
Paleoceanography 22 (2), 2007
The influence of the∼ 73 ka Toba super-eruption on the ecosystems of northern Sumatra as recorded in marine core BAR94-25
S van der Kaars, MAJ Williams, F Bassinot, F Guichard, E Moreno, ...
Quaternary International 258, 45-53, 2012
The Bengal fan: external controls on the Holocene Active Channel turbidite activity
L Fournier, K Fauquembergue, S Zaragosi, C Zorzi, B Malaizé, F Bassinot, ...
The Holocene 27 (6), 900-913, 2017
Diagenetic modulation of the magnetic properties in sediments from the Northern Indian Ocean
A Bouilloux, JP Valet, F Bassinot, JL Joron, MM Blanc‐Valleron, E Moreno, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 14 (9), 3779-3800, 2013
Identification of deep subaqueous co-seismic scarps through specific coeval sedimentation in Lesser Antilles: implication for seismic hazard
C Beck, JL Reyss, F Leclerc, E Moreno, N Feuillet, L Barrier, F Beauducel, ...
Link between I ndian monsoon rainfall and physical erosion in the H imalayan system during the H olocene
R Joussain, Z Liu, C Colin, S Duchamp‐Alphonse, Z Yu, E Moréno, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 18 (9), 3452-3469, 2017
Influence of seawater exchanges across the Bab‐el‐Mandeb Strait on sedimentation in the Southern Red Sea during the last 60 ka
A Bouilloux, JP Valet, F Bassinot, JL Joron, F Dewilde, ...
Paleoceanography 28 (4), 675-687, 2013
Influence of orbital forcing and sea level changes on sedimentation patterns in the Timor Sea during the last 260 ka
E Moreno, F Bassinot, F Baudin, MT Vénec‐Peyré
Paleoceanography 23 (1), 2008
Isolating climatic and paleomagnetic imbricated signals in two marine cores using principal component analysis
JP Valet, E Moreno, F Bassinot, L Johannes, F Dewilde, T Bastos, A Lefort, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 12 (8), 2011
Rock-magnetism of Pleistocene sediments of the Portuguese margin: detection of Heinrich events and implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions
N Thouveny, E Moreno, D Delanghe, L Candon, Y Lancelot, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 180, 61-75, 2000
Propriétés magnétiques des sédiments de la marge du Portugal: traceurs des variations climatiques et océanographiques en Atlantique Nord depuis 340 000 ans
E Moreno
Aix-Marseille 3, 2000
Fault imprint in clay units: magnetic fabric, structural and mineralogical signature
E Moreno, C Homberg, J Schnyder, A Person, A du Peloux, P Dick
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 16, 2014
Comparison of 240 ka long organic carbon and carbonate records along a depth transect in the Timor Sea: Primary signals versus preservation changes
W Liu, F Baudin, E Moreno, F Dewilde, N Caillon, N Fang, F Bassinot
Paleoceanography 29 (5), 389-402, 2014
Structural and petrophysical characterization of fault zones in shales: Example from the Tournemire URL (SW, France)
P Dick, A Du Peloux de Saint Romain, E Moreno, C Homberg, F Renel, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2013
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