Said Lakel
Said Lakel
Université Mohamed Khider Biskra
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Potential utilization of date palm wood as composite reinforcement
K Almi, A Benchabane, S Lakel, A Kriker
Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 34 (15), 1231-1240, 2015
Characterization of date palm wood used as composites reinforcement
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S Cheddadi, K Boubendira, H Meradji, S Ghemid, FEH Hassan, S Lakel, ...
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Electronic structure and magnetic properties of KXF3 (X= Fe, Co, Mn, V) from ab initio calculations.
M Ibrir, S Lakel, S Berri
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M Ibrir, S Lakel, S Berri, S Alleg, R Bensalem
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Transition width effect on optical characterizations of ZnO thin films deposited by spray ultrasonic
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Pressure effects on the structural, elastic, electronic and optical properties of ZnO from first-principles calculations
Science des matériaux (Laboratoire LARHYSS) 6, 2015
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