Jonathan Dushoff
Jonathan Dushoff
Professor of Biology, McMaster University
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Estimating the global burden of endemic canine rabies
K Hampson, L Coudeville, T Lembo, M Sambo, A Kieffer, M Attlan, ...
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Native bees provide insurance against ongoing honey bee losses
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Phenotypic diversity and ecosystem functioning in changing environments: a theoretical framework
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Transmission dynamics and prospects for the elimination of canine rabies
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Dynamical resonance can account for seasonality of influenza epidemics
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The entomological inoculation rate and Plasmodium falciparum infection in African children
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Mortality due to influenza in the United States—an annualized regression approach using multiple-cause mortality data
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The risk of a mosquito-borne infectionin a heterogeneous environment
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Backwards bifurcations and catastrophe in simple models of fatal diseases
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Ecology and evolution of the flu
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Robust estimation of microbial diversity in theory and in practice
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Network metrics reveal differences in social organization between two fission–fusion species, Grevy’s zebra and onager
SR Sundaresan, IR Fischhoff, J Dushoff, DI Rubenstein
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A simulation model of African Anopheles ecology and population dynamics for the analysis of malaria transmission
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The combined effects of pathogens and predators on insect outbreaks
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Agricultural intensification, priming for persistence and the emergence of Nipah virus: a lethal bat-borne zoonosis
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The genesis and spread of reassortment human influenza A/H3N2 viruses conferring adamantane resistance
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Codon bias and frequency-dependent selection on the hemagglutinin epitopes of influenza A virus
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Rabies exposures, post-exposure prophylaxis and deaths in a region of endemic canine rabies
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Persistent colonization and the spread of antibiotic resistance in nosocomial pathogens: resistance is a regional problem
DL Smith, J Dushoff, EN Perencevich, AD Harris, SA Levin
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (10), 3709-3714, 2004
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