Sébastien Duguay
Sébastien Duguay
Groupe de Physique des Matériaux, assistant professor.
Adresse e-mail validée de univ-rouen.fr
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Clustering and nearest neighbour distances in atom-probe tomography
T Philippe, F De Geuser, S Duguay, W Lefebvre, O Cojocaru-Mirédin, ...
Ultramicroscopy 109 (10), 1304-1309, 2009
Depth resolution function of the laser assisted tomographic atom probe in the investigation of semiconductors
E Cadel, F Vurpillot, R Lardé, S Duguay, B Deconihout
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (4), 044908, 2009
Structural and electrical properties of Ge nanocrystals embedded in by ion implantation and annealing
S Duguay, JJ Grob, A Slaoui, Y Le Gall, M Amann-Liess
Journal of applied physics 97 (10), 104330, 2005
3D analysis of advanced nano-devices using electron and atom probe tomography
A Grenier, S Duguay, JP Barnes, R Serra, G Haberfehlner, D Cooper, ...
Ultramicroscopy 136, 185-192, 2014
Efficient n-type doping of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 by ion beam synthesis
R Khelifi, D Mathiot, R Gupta, D Muller, M Roussel, S Duguay
Applied Physics Letters 102 (1), 013116, 2013
Direct imaging of boron segregation to extended defects in silicon
S Duguay, T Philippe, F Cristiano, D Blavette
Applied Physics Letters 97 (24), 242104, 2010
Advance in multi-hit detection and quantization in atom probe tomography
GD Costa, H Wang, S Duguay, A Bostel, D Blavette, B Deconihout
Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (12), 123709, 2012
Three dimensional imaging and analysis of a single nano-device at the ultimate scale using correlative microscopy techniques
A Grenier, S Duguay, JP Barnes, R Serra, N Rolland, G Audoit, P Morin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (21), 213102, 2015
Atomic-scale redistribution of dopants in polycrystalline silicon layers
S Duguay, A Colin, D Mathiot, P Morin, D Blavette
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (3), 034911, 2010
Retention in metal–oxide–semiconductor structures with two embedded self-aligned Ge-nanocrystal layers
S Duguay, S Burignat, P Kern, JJ Grob, A Souifi, A Slaoui
Semiconductor science and technology 22 (8), 837, 2007
Rubidium distribution at atomic scale in high efficient Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells
A Vilalta-Clemente, M Raghuwanshi, S Duguay, C Castro, E Cadel, ...
Applied Physics Letters 112 (10), 103105, 2018
Extended defects formation in nanosecond laser-annealed ion implanted silicon
Y Qiu, F Cristiano, K Huet, F Mazzamuto, G Fisicaro, A La Magna, ...
Nano Letters 14 (4), 1769-1775, 2014
Dielectric function of germanium nanocrystals between 0.6 and 6.5 eV by spectroscopic ellipsometry
M Mansour, AE Naciri, L Johann, S Duguay, JJ Grob, M Stchakovsky, ...
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 67 (5-6), 1291-1294, 2006
Atomic scale study of boron interstitial clusters in ion-implanted silicon
M Ngamo, S Duguay, F Cristiano, K Daoud-Ketata, P Pareige
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (10), 104904, 2009
Clustering and pair correlation function in atom probe tomography
T Philippe, S Duguay, D Blavette
Ultramicroscopy 110 (7), 862-865, 2010
Influence of grain boundary modification on limited performance of wide bandgap Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells
M Raghuwanshi, E Cadel, P Pareige, S Duguay, F Couzinie-Devy, L Arzel, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (1), 013902, 2014
Evidence of atomic-scale arsenic clustering in highly doped silicon
S Duguay, F Vurpillot, T Philippe, E Cadel, R Lardé, B Deconihout, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (10), 106102, 2009
Atom probe tomography in nanoelectronics
D Blavette, S Duguay
The European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 68 (1), 2014
Atomic scale evidence of the suppression of boron clustering in implanted silicon by carbon coimplantation
T Philippe, S Duguay, D Mathiot, D Blavette
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (2), 023501, 2011
Characterization of arsenic segregation at Si/SiO2 interface by 3D atom probe tomography
M Ngamo, S Duguay, P Pichler, K Daoud, P Pareige
Thin Solid Films 518 (9), 2402-2405, 2010
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