Mohamed Toufik Soltani
Mohamed Toufik Soltani
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New alkali antimonate glasses
MT Soltani, A Boutarfaia, R Makhloufi, M Poulain
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K Ouannes, MT Soltani, M Poulain, G Boulon, G Alombert-Goget, Y Guyot, ...
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Effect of Pulling Rate on Bubbles Distribution in Sapphire Crystals Grown by the Micropulling Down (μ-PD) Technique
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Urbach's Rule in Undoped and Co Doped (80-x) Sb2O)-20Na2O-xWOi Glasses
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MT Soltani, M Hamzaoui, S Houhou, H Touiri, L Bediar, AM Ghemri, ...
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Verres d'oxydes lourds a base de Sb 2 O 3, exploration, caracterisation physico-chimiques et application al'amplification optique
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P Petkova, S Houhou, MT Soltani
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B Tioua, MT Soltani, M Hamzaoui, M Baazouzi
Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences 4 (1), 1-10, 2012
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