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Vincent ROBERT
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Seasonal breeding in mammals: From basic science to applications and back
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Expression of Toll-like receptor 4 and downstream effectors in selected cecal cell subpopulations of chicks resistant or susceptible to Salmonella carrier state
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Pattern of expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptors in the ovine choroid plexus during long and short photoperiods
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PCB153 (2, 2′, 4, 4′, 5, 5′-hexachlorobiphenyl) differentially affects the VEGF/VEGFR system depending on photoperiod in the ovine choroid plexus
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Effect of a two-week treatment with a low dose of 2, 2′ 4, 4′, 5, 5′-hexachlorobiphenyl (PCB153) on tight junction protein expression in ovine choroid plexus during long and …
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Networked Modular Technology for Integrated Aircraft Health Monitoring: Application to Rotary Structures
H Boukabache, V Robert, C Escriba, JY Fourniols, JP Furlan
European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society (PHM …, 2014
Synthesis of Aryl-Thioglycopeptides Through Chemoselective Pd-Catalyzed Conjugation
TM Vishwanatha, D Montoir, M Amoura, Z El Ababsa, E Yen-Pon, ...
21e réunion du Groupe Français des Peptides et des Protéines (GFPP21), 2019
Investigation of tachyphylaxis of LH response following repeated injections of the kisspeptin analog C6
C Decourt, V Robert, D Lomet, K Anger, A Delmas, V Aucagne, ...
Kisspeptin neurons differentiate prenatally in a sex-specific manner
C Alfaia, V Robert, M Faure, K Poissenot, S Yeo, W Colledge, ...
Colloque International NeuroFrance 2017, np, 2017
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2. Journées du GdR 3606 Repro, 75 p., 2017
Developing kndy neurons display marked sex differences in Kiss1, Tac2, Tacr3 and sex steroid receptors mRNA levels in utero
C Alfaia, V Robert, M Faure, K Poissenot, S Yeo, W Colledge, ...
3. World Conference Kisspeptin 2017, np, 2017
Induction of fertile ovulation and puberty advancement by a new kisspeptin analog
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Ontogenesis of kisspeptin neurons: from neurogenesis to peri-natal development
E Desroziers, M Droguerre, AH Bentsen, V Robert, A Duittoz, J Mikkelsen, ...
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