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Florian Fort
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Stratégies d’acquisition des ressources des plantes prairiales sous contraintes hydrique et minérale-Rôle du système racinaire dans la réponse aux facteurs structurant les …
F Fort
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F Fort
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Above and belowground plant traits shaping taxonomical and functional microbial diversities in ecological restoration: results from TalVeg2, a monospecific experiment with …
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Root and shoot competition lead to contrasting competitive outcomes under water stress: A systematic review and meta-analysis
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Talveg® technologies, an innovative approach of ecosystem management toward biodiversity and ecosystem services enhancement
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TalVeg®: an innovative approach of ecosystem management for enhancing multiple ecosystem services, with a focus on soil erosion and slope stability
O Taugourdeau, F Fort, GT Freschet, N Fromin, E Hedri, Y Le Bissonnais, ...
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