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Charge and Spin Order Dichotomy in Driven by the Capping Layer
G Krieger, L Martinelli, S Zeng, LE Chow, K Kummer, R Arpaia, MM Sala, ...
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D Preziosi, M Alexe, D Hesse, M Salluzzo
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A Living‐Dead Magnetic Layer at the Surface of Ferrimagnetic DyTiO3 Thin Films
R Aeschlimann, D Preziosi, P Scheiderer, M Sing, S Valencia, ...
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Electronic transport in (La, Sr) MnO3-ferroelectric-(La, Sr) MnO3 epitaxial structures
AG Boni, I Pintilie, L Pintilie, D Preziosi, H Deniz, M Alexe
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Imaging and Harnessing Percolation at the Metal–Insulator Transition of NdNiO3 Nanogaps
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Ultrathin regime growth of atomically flat multiferroic gallium ferrite films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
S Homkar, D Preziosi, X Devaux, C Bouillet, J Nordlander, M Trassin, ...
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A Raji, G Krieger, N Viart, D Preziosi, JP Rueff, A Gloter
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Synthesis of infinite-layer nickelates and influence of the capping-layer on magnetotransport
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An oxygen vacancy memristor ruled by electron correlations
V Humbert, R El Hage, G Krieger, G Sanchez‐Santolino, A Sander, ...
Advanced Science 9 (27), 2201753, 2022
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