AG Gagarin
AG Gagarin
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (СПбГЭТУ «ЛЭТИ»)
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Characterization of quality of thin film by the commutation quality factor measured at microwaves
SV Razumov, AV Tumarkin, MM Gaidukov, AG Gagarin, AB Kozyrev, ...
Applied physics letters 81 (9), 1675-1677, 2002
A finline 60-GHz phase shifter based on a (Ba,Sr)TiO3 ferroelectric thin film
AB Kozyrev, MM Gaidukov, AG Gagarin, AV Tumarkin, SV Razumov
Technical Physics Letters 28 (3), 239-241, 2002
Experimental evidence of correctness of improved model of ferroelectric planar capacitor
OG Vendik, SV Razumov, AV Tumarkin, MA Nikol’skii, MM Gaidukov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (2), 022902, 2005
Structural properties of barium strontium titanate films grown under different technological conditions
AV Tumarkin, VI Al’myashev, SV Razumov, MM Gaidukov, AG Gagarin, ...
Physics of the Solid State 57 (3), 553-557, 2015
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on slow-relaxation processes in ferroelectric capacitance structures
PK Petrov, NMN Alford, A Kozyrev, M Gaidukov, A Altynnikov, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (8), 084102, 2010
Enhanced electrical properties of ferroelectric thin films by ultraviolet radiation
NMN Alford, PK Petrov, AG Gagarin, AB Kozyrev, AI Sokolov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 87 (22), 222904, 2005
Electrical properties of magnetron sputtered thin BaSrTiO3 films depending on deposition conditions
S Razumov, A Tumarkin, O Buslov, M Gaidukov, A Gagarin, A Ivanov, ...
Integrated Ferroelectrics 39 (1-4), 367-373, 2001
Influence of metal-ferroelectric contacts on the space charge formation in ferroelectric thin film capacitors
AB Kozyrev, MM Gaĭdukov, AG Gagarin, AG Altynnikov, SV Razumov, ...
Technical Physics Letters 35 (7), 585-588, 2009
Microwave up-converter based on a nonlinear ferroelectric capacitor
TB Samoilova, AB Kozyrev, AV Tumarkin, AM Nikolaenko, AG Gagarin
Technical Physics 50 (10), 1335-1342, 2005
Effect of annealing in oxygen atmosphere on structure and microwave properties of multilayered tunable (Ba, Sr) TiO3 capacitors
A Tumarkin, A Gagarin, A Altynnikov, M Gaidukov, A Odinets, S Razumov, ...
Thin Solid Films 593, 189-192, 2015
Injected charge as a cause of the slow dielectric relaxation in thin film Pt/(Ba,Sr)TiO3/Cu structures
T Samoilova, M Gaidukov, A Tumarkin, A Gagarin, A Altynnikov, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (20), 204103, 2014
Evaluation of the space charge trap energy levels in the ferroelectric films
A Kozyrev, M Gaidukov, A Gagarin, A Altynnikov, V Osadchy, A Tumarkin, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (1), 014108, 2009
Microwave losses in metal-ferroelectric-metal thin-film capacitors
MM Gaĭdukov, AG Gagarin, AB Kozyrev, SV Razumov, AV Tumarkin, ...
Technical Physics Letters 34 (7), 565-567, 2008
Thermostabilization of the properties of multilayer ferroelectric variconds for microwave applications
MM Gaidukov, AV Tumarkin, AG Gagarin, AB Kozyrev
Technical Physics Letters 40 (4), 337-339, 2014
Tunable ferroelectric microwave devices
A Kozyrev, A Buslov, A Gagarin, D Ivanov, S Kosmin, S Krasilnikov, ...
IMS’2004 Workshop on New Technologies for Frequency-or Phase-Agile Microwave …, 2004
AV Iva nov, OU Buslov, VN Keys, LC Sengupta, and X. Zhang
SV Razumov, AV Tumarkin, MM Gaidukov, AG Gagarin, AB Kozyrev, ...
Appl. Phys. Lett 81 (9), 1675, 2002
Suppression of slow capacitance relaxation phenomenon in Pt/Ba0.3Sr0.7TiO3/Pt thin film ferroelectric structures by annealing in oxygen atmosphere
AG Altynnikov, AG Gagarin, MM Gaidukov, AV Tumarkin, PK Petrov, ...
Applied physics letters 104 (4), 042903, 2014
Ferroelectric strontium titanate thin films for microwave applications
AV Tumarkin, MM Gaidukov, AG Gagarin, TB Samoilova, AB Kozyrev
Ferroelectrics 439 (1), 49-55, 2012
Microwave Properties of Thin BSTO Films Based Varactors for High Frequency Applications
SV Razumov, AV Tumarkin, AG Gagarin, MV Sysa, MM Gaidukov, ...
Integrated Ferroelectrics 55 (1), 871-876, 2003
High tunable BaSnxTi1-xO3 thin films for microwave applications
AV Tumarkin, VM Stozharov, AG Altynnikov, AG Gagarin, SV Razumov, ...
Integrated Ferroelectrics 173 (1), 140-146, 2016
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