Jean-Yves Barnagaud
Jean-Yves Barnagaud
assistant professor, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
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Relating habitat and climatic niches in birds
JY Barnagaud, V Devictor, F Jiguet, M Barbet-Massin, I Le Viol, F Archaux
PloS one 7 (3), 2012
Ecological traits influence the phylogenetic structure of bird species co‐occurrences worldwide
JY Barnagaud, W Daniel Kissling, B Sandel, WL Eiserhardt, ...
Ecology letters 17 (7), 811-820, 2014
When species become generalists: on‐going large‐scale changes in bird habitat specialization
JY Barnagaud, V Devictor, F Jiguet, F Archaux
Global Ecology and Biogeography 20 (4), 630-640, 2011
Contrasting spatial and temporal responses of bird communities to landscape changes
S Bonthoux, JY Barnagaud, M Goulard, G Balent
Oecologia 172 (2), 563-574, 2013
Habitat filtering by landscape and local forest composition in native and exotic New Zealand birds
JY Barnagaud, L Barbaro, J Papaix, M Deconchat, EG Brockerhoff
Ecology 95 (1), 78-87, 2014
Species’ thermal preferences affect forest bird communities along landscape and local scale habitat gradients
JY Barnagaud, L Barbaro, A Hampe, F Jiguet, F Archaux
Ecography 36 (11), 1218-1226, 2013
Deciduous trees increase bat diversity at stand and landscape scales in mosaic pine plantations
Y Charbonnier, P Gaüzère, I van Halder, J Nezan, JY Barnagaud, ...
Landscape ecology 31 (2), 291-300, 2016
Oviposition site selection of an endangered butterfly at local spatial scales
RS Tjørnløv, WD Kissling, JY Barnagaud, PK Bøcher, TT Høye
Journal of Insect conservation 19 (2), 377-391, 2015
Bat and bird diversity along independent gradients of latitude and tree composition in European forests
YM Charbonnier, L Barbaro, JY Barnagaud, E Ampoorter, J Nezan, ...
Oecologia 182 (2), 529-537, 2016
Niche packing and expansion account for species richness–productivity relationships in global bird assemblages
V Pellissier, JY Barnagaud, WD Kissling, Ç Şekercioğlu, JC Svenning
Global Ecology and Biogeography 27 (5), 604-615, 2018
Short-term response to the North Atlantic Oscillation but no long-term effects of climate change on the reproductive success of an alpine bird
JY Barnagaud, PA Crochet, Y Magnani, AB Laurent, E Menoni, C Novoa, ...
Journal of ornithology 152 (3), 631-641, 2011
Woodland habitat quality prevails over fragmentation for shaping butterfly diversity in deciduous forest remnants
I van Halder, JY Barnagaud, H Jactel, L Barbaro
Forest Ecology and Management 357, 171-180, 2015
How can quantitative ecology be attractive to young scientists? Balancing computer/desk work with fieldwork
O Gimenez, F Abadi, JY Barnagaud, L Blanc, M Buoro, S Cubaynes, ...
Animal Conservation 16 (2), 134-136, 2012
Temporal changes in bird functional diversity across the United States
JY Barnagaud, P Gaüzère, B Zuckerberg, K Princé, JC Svenning
Oecologia 185 (4), 737-748, 2017
Biogeographical, environmental and anthropogenic determinants of global patterns in bird taxonomic and trait turnover
JY Barnagaud, WD Kissling, C Tsirogiannis, V Fisikopoulos, S Villeger, ...
Global ecology and biogeography 26 (10), 1190-1200, 2017
Dynamic spatial interactions between the native invader Brown‐headed Cowbird and its hosts
JY Barnagaud, J Papaïx, O Gimenez, JC Svenning
Diversity and Distributions 21 (5), 511-522, 2015
Empirical predictability of community responses to climate change
P Gaüzère, LL Iversen, JY Barnagaud, JC Svenning, B Blonder
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6, 186, 2018
Geographical variation in climatic drivers of the pine processionary moth population dynamics
M Toïgo, F Barraquand, JY Barnagaud, D Piou, H Jactel
Forest Ecology and Management 404, 141-155, 2017
Behavioural responses of humpback whales to food-related chemical stimuli
B Bouchard, JY Barnagaud, M Poupard, H Glotin, P Gauffier, ST Ortiz, ...
PloS one 14 (2), 2019
Correlative climatic niche models predict real and virtual species distributions equally well
V Journé, JY Barnagaud, C Bernard, PA Crochet, X Morin
Ecology 101 (1), e02912, 2020
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