Abdou Rachid Thiam
Abdou Rachid Thiam
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The biophysics and cell biology of lipid droplets
AR Thiam, RV Farese Jr, TC Walther
Nature reviews Molecular cell biology 14 (12), 775, 2013
Decompressing emulsion droplets favors coalescence
N Bremond, AR Thiam, J Bibette
Physical review letters 100 (2), 024501, 2008
Arf1/COPI machinery acts directly on lipid droplets and enables their connection to the ER for protein targeting
F Wilfling, AR Thiam, MJ Olarte, J Wang, R Beck, TJ Gould, ES Allgeyer, ...
Elife 3, e01607, 2014
Breaking of an emulsion under an ac electric field
AR Thiam, N Bremond, J Bibette
Physical review letters 102 (18), 188304, 2009
Seipin is required for converting nascent to mature lipid droplets
H Wang, M Becuwe, BE Housden, C Chitraju, AJ Porras, MM Graham, ...
Elife 5, e16582, 2016
COPI buds 60-nm lipid droplets from reconstituted water–phospholipid–triacylglyceride interfaces, suggesting a tension clamp function
AR Thiam, B Antonny, J Wang, J Delacotte, F Wilfling, TC Walther, R Beck, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (33), 13244-13249, 2013
Protein crowding is a determinant of lipid droplet protein composition
N Kory, AR Thiam, RV Farese Jr, TC Walther
Developmental cell 34 (3), 351-363, 2015
The why, when and how of lipid droplet diversity
AR Thiam, M Beller
J Cell Sci 130 (2), 315-324, 2017
From stability to permeability of adhesive emulsion bilayers
AR Thiam, N Bremond, J Bibette
Langmuir 28 (15), 6291-6298, 2012
Conserved amphipathic helices mediate lipid droplet targeting of perilipins 1–3
ER Rowe, ML Mimmack, AD Barbosa, A Haider, I Isaac, MM Ouberai, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (13), 6664-6678, 2016
Single-step microfluidic fabrication of soft monodisperse polyelectrolyte microcapsules by interfacial complexation
G Kaufman, R Boltyanskiy, S Nejati, AR Thiam, M Loewenberg, ...
Lab on a Chip 14 (18), 3494-3497, 2014
ER membrane phospholipids and surface tension control cellular lipid droplet formation
KB M'barek, D Ajjaji, A Chorlay, S Vanni, L Forêt, AR Thiam
Developmental cell 41 (6), 591-604. e7, 2017
The physics of lipid droplet nucleation, growth and budding
AR Thiam, L Forêt
Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids …, 2016
Adhesive emulsion bilayers under an electric field: from unzipping to fusion
AR Thiam, N Bremond, J Bibette
Physical review letters 107 (6), 068301, 2011
An asymmetry in monolayer tension regulates lipid droplet budding direction
A Chorlay, AR Thiam
Biophysical journal 114 (3), 631-640, 2018
Lipid droplets can spontaneously bud off from a symmetric bilayer
F Deslandes, AR Thiam, L Forêt
Biophysical journal 113 (1), 15-18, 2017
Targeting of the Drosophila protein CG2254/Ldsdh1 to a subset of lipid droplets
PJ Thul, K Tschapalda, P Kolkhof, AR Thiam, M Oberer, M Beller
J Cell Sci 130 (18), 3141-3157, 2017
The energy of COPI for budding membranes
AR Thiam, F Pincet
PloS one 10 (7), e0133757, 2015
Membrane asymmetry imposes directionality on lipid droplet emergence from the ER
A Chorlay, L Monticelli, JV Ferreira, KB M’barek, D Ajjaji, S Wang, ...
Developmental cell, 2019
Dual binding motifs underpin the hierarchical association of perilipins1–3 with lipid droplets
D Ajjaji, K Ben M'barek, ML Mimmack, C England, H Herscovitz, L Dong, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 30 (5), 703-716, 2019
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