Lucian Roiban
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An efficient strategy to drive nanoparticles into carbon nanotubes and the remarkable effect of confinement on their catalytic performance
E Castillejos, PJ Debouttière, L Roiban, A Solhy, V Martinez, Y Kihn, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (14), 2529-2533, 2009
Magnetic Core− Shell Nanoparticles from Nanoscale-Induced Phase Segregation
S Carenco, XF Le Goff, J Shi, L Roiban, O Ersen, C Boissière, C Sanchez, ...
Chemistry of Materials 23 (8), 2270-2277, 2011
In Situ Observation of Nanoparticle Exsolution from Perovskite Oxides: From Atomic Scale Mechanistic Insight to Nanostructure Tailoring
D Neagu, V Kyriakou, IL Roiban, M Aouine, T Chenyang, A Caravaca, ...
ACS Nano 13 (11), 12996-13005, 2019
Highly ductile amorphous oxide at room temperature and high strain rate
EJ Frankberg, J Kalikka, FG Ferré, L Joly-Pottuz, T Salminen, J Hintikka, ...
Science 366 (6467), 864-869, 2019
Advanced three dimensional characterization of silica-based ultraporous materials
L Roiban, G Foray, Q Rong, A Perret, D Ihiawakrim, K Masenelli-Varlot, ...
RSC advances 6 (13), 10625-10632, 2016
Local plasmonic studies on individual core–shell gold–silver and pure gold nano-bipyramids
R Arenal, L Henrard, L Roiban, O Ersen, J Burgin, M Treguer-Delapierre
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (44), 25643-25650, 2014
Analytical electron tomography mapping of the SiC pore oxidation at the nanoscale
I Florea, O Ersen, C Hirlimann, L Roiban, A Deneuve, M Houllé, ...
Nanoscale 2 (12), 2668-2678, 2010
Fast ‘Operando’ electron nanotomography
L Roiban, S Li, M Aouine, A Tuel, D Farrusseng, T Epicier
Journal of microscopy 269 (2), 117-126, 2018
Metallic nanoparticle-based strain sensors elaborated by atomic layer deposition
E Puyoo, C Malhaire, D Thomas, R Rafael, M R'Mili, A Malchere, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (12), 123103, 2017
Magnetic properties of coupled ultrathin (001) films
M Pilard, O Ersen, S Cherifi, B Carvello, L Roiban, B Muller, F Scheurer, ...
Physical Review B 76 (21), 214436, 2007
The core contribution of transmission electron microscopy to functional nanomaterials engineering
S Carenco, S Moldovan, L Roiban, I Florea, D Portehault, K Vallé, ...
Nanoscale 8 (3), 1260-1279, 2016
Fast electron tomography: Applications to beam sensitive samples and in situ TEM or operando environmental TEM studies
S Koneti, L Roiban, F Dalmas, C Langlois, AS Gay, A Cabiac, T Grenier, ...
Materials Characterization 151, 480-495, 2019
Shape-selective synthesis of nanoceria for degradation of paraoxon as a chemical warfare simulant
I Trenque, GC Magnano, MA Bolzinger, L Roiban, F Chaput, I Pitault, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (10), 5455-5465, 2019
Mapping the 3D distribution of CdSe nanocrystals in highly oriented and nanostructured hybrid P3HT–CdSe films grown by directional epitaxial crystallization
L Roiban, L Hartmann, A Fiore, D Djurado, F Chandezon, P Reiss, ...
Nanoscale 4 (22), 7212-7220, 2012
3D-TEM investigation of the nanostructure of a δ-Al 2 O 3 catalyst support decorated with Pd nanoparticles
L Roiban, L Sorbier, C Pichon, C Pham-Huu, M Drillon, O Ersen
Nanoscale 4 (3), 946-954, 2012
Selective deposition of palladium nanoparticles inside the bimodal porosity of β-SiC investigated by electron tomography
I Florea, M Houllé, O Ersen, L Roiban, A Deneuve, I Janowska, P Nguyen, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (41), 17711-17719, 2009
Robocast zirconia-toughened alumina scaffolds: Processing, structural characterisation and interaction with human primary osteoblasts
AM Stanciuc, CM Sprecher, J Adrien, LI Roiban, M Alini, L Gremillard, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 (3), 845-853, 2018
Noble metals supported on carbon nanotubes using supercritical fluids for the preparation of composite materials: A look at the interface
E Garrido, C Aymonier, L Roiban, O Ersen, C Labrugère, P Gaillard, ...
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 101, 110-116, 2015
Hollow beta zeolite single crystals for the design of selective catalysts
AR Morgado Prates, C Pagis, FC Meunier, L Burel, T Epicier, L Roiban, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 18 (2), 592-596, 2018
Engineering and sizing nanoreactors to confine metal complexes for enhanced catalytic performance
M Shakeri, L Roiban, V Yazerski, G Prieto, RJM Klein Gebbink, ...
ACS Catalysis 4 (10), 3791-3796, 2014
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