Edith Kubik
Edith Kubik
Bayerisches Geoinstitut, University of Bayreuth
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Investigating Earth's formation history through copper and sulfur metal‐silicate partitioning during core‐mantle differentiation
B Mahan, J Siebert, I Blanchard, J Badro, E Kubik, P Sossi, F Moynier
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Metal and silicate partitioning of indium up to PT conditions of a deep magma ocean: implications for the origin of volatile depletions on Earth
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Elemental and stable isotopic fractionations of siderophile elements: Implications for the delivery of Earth's volatile elements
E Kubik
Université Paris Cité, 2020
Fractionnement élémentaire et isotopique des éléments sidérophiles: implications pour l’accrétion des éléments volatils sur Terre
E Kubik
Université Paris Cité, 2020
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