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Kenneth Hanson
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Bright light‐emitting diodes based on organometal halide perovskite nanoplatelets
Y Ling, Z Yuan, Y Tian, X Wang, JC Wang, Y Xin, K Hanson, B Ma, H Gao
Advanced materials 28 (2), 305-311, 2016
Highly Efficient, Near‐Infrared Electrophosphorescence from a Pt–Metalloporphyrin Complex
C Borek, K Hanson, PI Djurovich, ME Thompson, K Aznavour, R Bau, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (7), 1109-1112, 2007
Enhanced optical and electrical properties of polymer‐assisted all‐inorganic perovskites for light‐emitting diodes
Y Ling, Y Tian, X Wang, JC Wang, JM Knox, F Perez‐Orive, Y Du, L Tan, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (40), 8983-8989, 2016
Fully printed halide perovskite light-emitting diodes with silver nanowire electrodes
SGR Bade, J Li, X Shan, Y Ling, Y Tian, T Dilbeck, T Besara, T Geske, ...
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Luminescent zero-dimensional organic metal halide hybrids with near-unity quantum efficiency
C Zhou, H Lin, Y Tian, Z Yuan, R Clark, B Chen, LJ van de Burgt, ...
Chemical science 9 (3), 586-593, 2018
Structure–Property Relationships in Phosphonate-Derivatized, RuII Polypyridyl Dyes on Metal Oxide Surfaces in an Aqueous Environment
K Hanson, MK Brennaman, A Ito, H Luo, W Song, KA Parker, R Ghosh, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (28), 14837-14847, 2012
Photostability of Phosphonate-Derivatized, RuII Polypyridyl Complexes on Metal Oxide Surfaces
K Hanson, MK Brennaman, H Luo, CRK Glasson, JJ Concepcion, W Song, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 4 (3), 1462-1469, 2012
Efficient dipyrrin-centered phosphorescence at room temperature from bis-cyclometalated iridium (III) dipyrrinato complexes
K Hanson, A Tamayo, VV Diev, MT Whited, PI Djurovich, ME Thompson
Inorganic chemistry 49 (13), 6077-6084, 2010
Porphyrin‐Tape/C60 Organic Photodetectors with 6.5% External Quantum Efficiency in the Near Infrared
JD Zimmerman, VV Diev, K Hanson, RR Lunt, EK Yu, ME Thompson, ...
Advanced materials 22 (25), 2780-2783, 2010
Reversible repositioning of zinc atoms within single crystals of a zinc polycarboxylate with an open-framework structure
K Hanson, N Calin, D Bugaris, M Scancella, SC Sevov
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (34), 10502-10503, 2004
Self‐Assembled Bilayer Films of Ruthenium (II)/Polypyridyl Complexes through Layer‐by‐Layer Deposition on Nanostructured Metal Oxides
K Hanson, DA Torelli, AK Vannucci, MK Brennaman, H Luo, L Alibabaei, ...
Angewandte Chemie 124 (51), 12954-12957, 2012
Photoinduced Stepwise Oxidative Activation of a Chromophore–Catalyst Assembly on TiO2
W Song, CRK Glasson, H Luo, K Hanson, MK Brennaman, JJ Concepcion, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2 (14), 1808-1813, 2011
Photophysics of Pt-porphyrin electrophosphorescent devices emitting in the near infrared
Y Sun, C Borek, K Hanson, PI Djurovich, ME Thompson, J Brooks, ...
Applied physics letters 90 (21), 213503, 2007
Solution-Processed, Antimony-Doped Tin Oxide Colloid Films Enable High-Performance TiO2 Photoanodes for Water Splitting
Q Peng, B Kalanyan, PG Hoertz, A Miller, DH Kim, K Hanson, L Alibabaei, ...
Nano letters 13 (4), 1481-1488, 2013
Stabilization of [Ru(bpy)2(4,4′-(PO3H2)bpy)]2+ on Mesoporous TiO2 with Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3
K Hanson, MD Losego, B Kalanyan, DL Ashford, GN Parsons, TJ Meyer
Chemistry of Materials 25 (1), 3-5, 2013
Water oxidation by an electropolymerized catalyst on derivatized mesoporous metal oxide electrodes
DL Ashford, AM Lapides, AK Vannucci, K Hanson, DA Torelli, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (18), 6578-6581, 2014
Fused Pyrene–Diporphyrins: Shifting Near‐Infrared Absorption to 1.5 μm and Beyond
VV Diev, K Hanson, JD Zimmerman, SR Forrest, ME Thompson
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (32), 5523-5526, 2010
A paradigm for blue-or red-shifted absorption of small molecules depending on the site of π-extension
K Hanson, L Roskop, PI Djurovich, F Zahariev, MS Gordon, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (45), 16247-16255, 2010
Stabilizing small molecules on metal oxide surfaces using atomic layer deposition
K Hanson, MD Losego, B Kalanyan, GN Parsons, TJ Meyer
Nano letters 13 (10), 4802-4809, 2013
Systematic variation of the optical bandgap in titanium based isoreticular metal–organic frameworks for photocatalytic reduction of CO 2 under blue light
MW Logan, S Ayad, JD Adamson, T Dilbeck, K Hanson, FJ Uribe-Romo
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (23), 11854-11863, 2017
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