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Evidence for a Complex Relationship between Antibiotics and Antibiotic-Resistant Escherichia Coli: From Medical Center Patients to a Receiving Environment
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Exposure to vancomycin causes a shift in the microbial community structure without affecting nitrate reduction rates in river sediments
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Distinct Aeromonas populations in water column and associated with copepods from estuarine environment (Seine, France)
G Chaix, F Roger, T Berthe, B Lamy, E Jumas-Bilak, R Lafite, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 8, 232185, 2017
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Diversity of active microbial communities subjected to long-term exposure to chemical contaminants along a 40-year-old sediment core
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Distinct diversity of the czcA gene in two sedimentary horizons from a contaminated estuarine core
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Comparative effects of mercury contamination and wastewater effluent input on Gram-negative merA gene abundance in mudflats of an anthropized estuary (Seine, France): a …
JB Ramond, T Berthe, R Duran, F Petit
Research in Microbiology 160 (1), 10-18, 2009
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