Hiroshi Nishiura
Hiroshi Nishiura
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Transmission dynamics and control of Ebola virus disease (EVD): a review
G Chowell, H Nishiura
BMC medicine 12 (1), 196, 2014
Transmission potential of the new influenza A (H1N1) virus and its age-specificity in Japan
H Nishiura, C Castillo-Chavez, M Safan, G Chowell
Eurosurveillance 14 (22), 19227, 2009
Comparative estimation of the reproduction number for pandemic influenza from daily case notification data
G Chowell, H Nishiura, LMA Bettencourt
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 4 (12), 155-166, 2007
Pros and cons of estimating the reproduction number from early epidemic growth rate of influenza A (H1N1) 2009
H Nishiura, G Chowell, M Safan, C Castillo-Chavez
Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 7 (1), 1, 2010
Early transmission dynamics of Ebola virus disease (EVD), West Africa, March to August 2014
H Nishiura, G Chowell
Eurosurveillance 19 (36), 20894, 2014
Natural history of dengue virus (denv)—1 and denv—4 infections: Reanalysis of classic studies
H Nishiura, SB Halstead
The Journal of infectious diseases 195 (7), 1007-1013, 2007
A monocyte chemotactic factor, S19 ribosomal protein dimer, in phagocytic clearance of apoptotic cells.
K Horino, H Nishiura, T Ohsako, Y Shibuya, T Hiraoka, N Kitamura, ...
Laboratory investigation; a journal of technical methods and pathology 78 (5 …, 1998
Epidemiological and transmissibility analysis of influenza A (H1N1) v in a southern hemisphere setting: Peru
CV Munayco, VA Laguna-Torres, J Arrasco, T Kochel, V Fiestas, J Garcia, ...
Transmission characteristics of MERS and SARS in the healthcare setting: a comparative study
G Chowell, F Abdirizak, S Lee, J Lee, E Jung, H Nishiura, C Viboud
BMC medicine 13 (1), 210, 2015
Mathematical and statistical analyses of the spread of Dengue.
H Nishiura
WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia., 2006
Aerosol transmission is an important mode of influenza A virus spread
BJ Cowling, DKM Ip, VJ Fang, P Suntarattiwong, SJ Olsen, J Levy, ...
Nature communications 4, 1935, 2013
Entry screening to delay local transmission of 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1)
BJ Cowling, LLH Lau, P Wu, HWC Wong, VJ Fang, S Riley, H Nishiura
BMC infectious diseases 10 (1), 82, 2010
Surveillance of wild birds for avian influenza virus
BJ Hoye, VJ Munster, H Nishiura, M Klaassen, RAM Fouchier
Emerging infectious diseases 16 (12), 1827, 2010
Excess mortality associated with influenza A and B virus in Hong Kong, 1998–2009
P Wu, E Goldstein, LM Ho, L Yang, H Nishiura, JT Wu, DKM Ip, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 206 (12), 1862-1871, 2012
Estimating the reproduction number of the novel influenza A virus (H1N1) in a Southern Hemisphere setting: preliminary estimate in New Zealand
H Nishiura, N Wilson, MG Baker
The New Zealand Medical Journal (Online) 122 (1299), 2009
Mathematical and statistical estimation approaches in epidemiology
G Chowell, JM Hyman, LMA Bettencourt, C Castillo-Chavez
Springer, 2009
Increased risk of noninfluenza respiratory virus infections associated with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine
BJ Cowling, VJ Fang, H Nishiura, KH Chan, S Ng, DKM Ip, SS Chiu, ...
Clinical Infectious Diseases 54 (12), 1778-1783, 2012
Human CC chemokine liver-expressed chemokine/CCL16 is a functional ligand for CCR1, CCR2 and CCR5, and constitutively expressed by hepatocytes
H Nomiyama, K Hieshima, T Nakayama, T Sakaguchi, R Fujisawa, ...
International immunology 13 (8), 1021-1029, 2001
Identifying transmission cycles at the human-animal interface: the role of animal reservoirs in maintaining gambiense human african trypanosomiasis
S Funk, H Nishiura, H Heesterbeek, WJ Edmunds, F Checchi
PLoS computational biology 9 (1), 2013
Does Glycosylation as a modifier of Original Antigenic Sin explain the case age distribution and unusual toxicity in pandemic novel H1N1 influenza?
T Reichert, G Chowell, H Nishiura, RA Christensen, JA McCullers
BMC infectious diseases 10 (1), 5, 2010
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