Romain Lebrun
Romain Lebrun
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Tunable long-distance spin transport in a crystalline antiferromagnetic iron oxide
R Lebrun, A Ross, SA Bender, A Qaiumzadeh, L Baldrati, J Cramer, ...
Nature 561 (7722), 222-225, 2018
Efficient synchronization of dipolarly coupled vortex-based spin transfer nano-oscillators
N Locatelli, A Hamadeh, FA Araujo, AD Belanovsky, PN Skirdkov, ...
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S Tsunegi, H Kubota, K Yakushiji, M Konoto, S Tamaru, A Fukushima, ...
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Perfect and robust phase-locking of a spin transfer vortex nano-oscillator to an external microwave source
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Self-injection locking of a vortex spin torque oscillator by delayed feedback
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A Ross, R Lebrun, O Gomonay, DA Grave, A Kay, L Baldrati, S Becker, ...
Nano Letters 20 (1), 306-313, 2020
Anisotropies and magnetic phase transitions in insulating antiferromagnets determined by a Spin-Hall magnetoresistance probe
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Controlling the phase locking of stochastic magnetic bits for ultra-low power computation
A Mizrahi, N Locatelli, R Lebrun, V Cros, A Fukushima, H Kubota, ...
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Scaling up electrically synchronized spin torque oscillator networks
S Tsunegi, T Taniguchi, R Lebrun, K Yakushiji, V Cros, J Grollier, ...
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Controlling the chirality and polarity of vortices in magnetic tunnel junctions
AS Jenkins, E Grimaldi, P Bortolotti, R Lebrun, H Kubota, K Yakushiji, ...
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Vortex spin-torque oscillator stabilized by phase locked loop using integrated circuits
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Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and chiral magnetic textures in a ferrimagnetic insulator
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Physical Review B (R) 100, 100406, 2019
Optimizing magnetodipolar interactions for synchronizing vortex based spin-torque nano-oscillators
FA Araujo, AD Belanovsky, PN Skirdkov, KA Zvezdin, AK Zvezdin, ...
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Control of the coupling strength and linewidth of a cavity magnon-polariton
I Boventer, C Dörflinger, T Wolz, R Macêdo, R Lebrun, M Kläui, M Weides
Physical Review Research 2 (1), 013154, 2020
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