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Decadal to monthly timescales of magma transfer and reservoir growth at a caldera volcano
TH Druitt, F Costa, E Deloule, M Dungan, B Scaillet
Nature 482 (7383), 77-80, 2012
Hydrothermal zircons: a tool for ion microprobe U–Pb dating of gold mineralization (Tamlalt–Menhouhou gold deposit—Morocco)
E Pelleter, A Cheilletz, D Gasquet, A Mouttaqi, M Annich, A El Hakour, ...
Chemical Geology 245 (3-4), 135-161, 2007
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M Faure, W Lin, P Monié, N Le Breton, S Poussineau, D Panis, E Deloule
Tectonics 22 (3), 2003
Shrimp U–Pb zircon age evidence for Paleoproterozoic sedimentation and 2.05 Ga syntectonic plutonism in the Nyong Group, South-Western Cameroon: consequences for the Eburnean …
C Lerouge, A Cocherie, SF Toteu, J Penaye, JP Milési, R Tchameni, ...
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Two ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic events recognized in the central orogenic belt of China: Evidence from the U-Pb dating of coesite-bearing zircons
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Diachronous evolution of volcano-sedimentary basins north of the Congo craton: insights from U–Pb ion microprobe dating of zircons from the Poli, Lom and Yaoundé Groups (Cameroon)
SF Toteu, J Penaye, E Deloule, WR Van Schmus, R Tchameni
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Behavior of Li and its isotopes during serpentinization of oceanic peridotites
S Decitre, E Deloule, L Reisberg, R James, P Agrinier, C Mével
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 3 (1), 1-20, 2002
Low water content of the Cenozoic lithospheric mantle beneath the eastern part of the North China Craton
QK Xia, Y Hao, P Li, E Deloule, M Coltorti, L Dallai, X Yang, M Feng
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 115 (B7), 2010
Water in minerals of the continental lithospheric mantle and overlying lower crust: a comparative study of peridotite and granulite xenoliths from the North China Craton
XZ Yang, QK Xia, E Deloule, L Dallai, QC Fan, M Feng
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U–Pb dating of plutonic rocks involved in the nappe tectonic in southern Cameroon: consequence for the Pan-African orogenic evolution of the central African fold belt
SF Toteu, RY Fouateu, J Penaye, J Tchakounte, ACS Mouangue, ...
Journal of African Earth Sciences 44 (4-5), 479-493, 2006
Pressure and temperature-dependence of water solubility in Fe-free wadsleyite
S Demouchy, E Deloule, DJ Frost, H Keppler
American Mineralogist 90 (7), 1084-1091, 2005
In-situ U–Pb zircon ages for Early Ordovician magmatism in the eastern Pyrenees, France: the Canigou orthogneisses
E Deloule, P Alexandrov, A Cheilletz, B Laumonier, P Barbey
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Mobility of trace elements and oxygen in zircon during metamorphism: consequences for geochemical tracing
LAJ Martin, S Duchêne, E Deloule, O Vanderhaeghe
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Hydrogen isotope heterogeneities in the mantle from ion probe analysis of amphiboles from ultramafic rocks
E Deloule, F Albarede, SMF Sheppard
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P Schiano, R Clocchiatti, JP Lorand, D Massare, E Deloule, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 146 (3-4), 489-497, 1997
New U‐Th/Pb constraints on timing of shearing and long‐term slip‐rate on the Karakorum fault
F Valli, PH Leloup, JL Paquette, N Arnaud, H Li, P Tapponnier, ...
Tectonics 27 (5), 2008
Elemental and isotopic (29Si and 18O) tracing of glass alteration mechanisms
N Valle, A Verney-Carron, J Sterpenich, G Libourel, E Deloule, P Jollivet
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Interstellar water in meteorites?
E Deloule, F Robert
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 59 (22), 4695-4706, 1995
Cathodoluminescence of quartz from sandstones; interpretation of the UV range by determination of trace element distributions and fluid-inclusion PTX properties in authigenic …
C Demars, M Pagel, E Deloule, P Blanc
American Mineralogist 81 (7-8), 891-901, 1996
Lead and sulfur isotope microstratigraphy in galena crystals from Mississippi Valley-type deposits
E Deloule, CJ Allegre, BR Doe
Economic Geology 81 (6), 1307-1321, 1986
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