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Ferensa Oemry
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Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol as a Bio-Oil Model Compound over Pillared Clay-Supported Nickel − Molybdenum Catalysts
I B. Adilina, N Rinaldi, S P. Simanungkalit, F Aulia, F Oemry, ...
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (35), 21429-21439, 2019
Nitrogen Monoxide Adsorption on Pt4 Clusters Coated on-Al2O3 (111) Surface
F Oemry, MC Escano, H Kishi, S Kunikata, H Nakanishi, H Kasai, ...
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 11 (4), 2844-2850, 2011
Adsorbed oxygen-induced cluster reconstruction on core–shell Ni@ Pt and Pt clusters
F Oemry, H Nakanishi, H Kasai, H Maekawa, K Osumi, K Sato
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Effects of activated carbon treatment on Li4Ti5O12 anode material synthesis for lithium-ion batteries
A Subhan, F Oemry, SN Khusna, E Hastuti
Ionics 25 (3), 1025-1034, 2018
Effects of Cluster Size on Platinum–Oxygen Bonds Formation in Small Platinum Clusters
F Oemry, AAB Padama, H Kishi, S Kunikata, H Nakanishi, H Kasai, ...
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Understanding the Surface Characteristics of Biochar and Its Catalytic Activity for the Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol
IB Adilina, RR Widjaya, LN Hidayat, E Supriadi, M Safaat, F Oemry, ...
Catalyst 11, 1434, 2021
Study of NO oxidation reaction over the Pt cluster supported on γ-Al2O3 (111) surface
H Kishi, F Oemry, TQ Nguyen, S Kunikata, H Nakanishi, H Kasai, ...
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Computational and Spectroscopic Studies of Carbon Disulfide
IB Adilina, F Aulia, MA Fitriady, F Oemry, RR Widjaya, SF Parker
Molecules 25 (8), 1901, 2020
Variation of vortex structure characteristics of Bi-2223/Ag superconducting tapes with respect to applied magnetic field direction
F Oemry, M Diantoro, IM Sutjahja, MO Tjia, L Kopera, GMJ Bonfait, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity 426, 396-401, 2005
Favorable pathway of O2 dissociative adsorption on a single platinum adatom coated on gamma-alumina (111) surface: a density functional theory study
WT Cahyanto, F Oemry, AAB Padama, M Sakaue, R Belkada, SM Aspera, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50 (10R), 105602, 2011
Atomic Oxygen Adsorption on Core-shell Ni@ Pt and Pure Pt Nanoparticles
F Oemry, H Nakanishi, H Kasai, H Maekawa, K Osumi, K Sato
Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan 57 (7), 277-283, 2014
Oxygen-induced SO2 formation and desorption on NiMoS (1¯ 010) edge surface on NiMoS2 catalyst
T Ahadriansya, F Oemry, IB Adilina, M Effendi, WT Cahyanto
AIP Conference Proceedings 3003 (1), 2024
Experimental and Computational Studies of Sulfided NiMo Supported on Pillared Clay: Catalyst Activation and Guaiacol Adsorption Sites
F Oemry, IB Adilina, WT Cahyanto, N Rinaldi, F Aulia, A Jackson, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25, 2978-2989, 2023
Evaluation of analytical model for magnetic field distribution in magnetizing fixture study
F Oemry, B Hermanto, P Prawito, A Oemry, P Sebayang
Journal of Physics : Conference Series 1442, 012001, 2020
Theoretical Study of Geometry, Size and Alloying
F Oemry
博士論文, 2014
Theoretical Study of Geometry, Size and Alloying Effects on the Reactivity of Small Pt Clusters
F Oemry
大阪大学, 2014
Bonded PrFeB Magnet: Fabrication and Characterization
D Aryanto, F Oemry, T Sudiro, AY Sari
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