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Rui P. Queirós
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Hyperbaric storage of melon juice at and above room temperature and comparison with storage at atmospheric pressure and refrigeration
RP Queirós, MD Santos, LG Fidalgo, MJ Mota, RP Lopes, RS Inácio, ...
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Hyperbaric storage at and above room temperature of a highly perishable food
LG Fidalgo, MD Santos, RP Queirós, RS Inácio, MJ Mota, RP Lopes, ...
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Preservation of a highly perishable food, watermelon juice, at and above room temperature under mild pressure (hyperbaric storage) as an alternative to refrigeration
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High pressure extraction of phenolic compounds from citrus peels
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Tailoring structure and technological properties of plant proteins using high hydrostatic pressure
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A first study comparing preservation of a ready‐to‐eat soup under pressure (hyperbaric storage) at 25° C and 30° C with refrigeration
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Pulsed electric field processing of fruit juices
M Koubaa, FJ Barba, DB Kovačević, P Putnik, MD Santos, RP Queirós, ...
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SM Castro, M Kolomeytseva, R Casquete, J Silva, R Queirós, JA Saraiva, ...
Food bioscience 19, 65-72, 2017
Evaluation of resistance development and viability recovery by toxigenic and non-toxigenic Staphylococcus aureus strains after repeated cycles of high hydrostatic pressure
I Baptista, RP Queirós, Â Cunha, SM Rocha, JA Saraiva, A Almeida
Food microbiology 46, 515-520, 2015
Bioactive Polysaccharides Extracts from Sargassum muticum by High Hydrostatic Pressure
D Rodrigues, AC Freitas, R Queirós, TAP Rocha‐Santos, JA Saraiva, ...
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Effect of ionic liquids alkyl chain length on horseradish peroxidase thermal inactivation kinetics and activity recovery after inactivation
MF Machado, RP Queirós, MD Santos, LG Fidalgo, I Delgadillo, ...
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Liquid by-products from fish canning industry as sustainable sources of ω3 lipids
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The annealing influence on the microstructure and performance of Au@ Ni core-shell bimetal as the cathode of low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
T Yang, D Ramasamy, RP Queirós, FJA Loureiro, CMR de Almeida, ...
international journal of hydrogen energy 40 (14), 4980-4988, 2015
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