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Aude Coupel-Ledru
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Genomic prediction of maize yield across European environmental conditions
EJ Millet, W Kruijer, A Coupel-Ledru, S Alvarez Prado, L Cabrera-Bosquet, ...
Nature genetics 51 (6), 952-956, 2019
Genome-wide analysis of yield in Europe: allelic effects vary with drought and heat scenarios
EJ Millet, C Welcker, W Kruijer, S Negro, A Coupel-Ledru, SD Nicolas, ...
Plant Physiology 172 (2), 749-764, 2016
Reduced nighttime transpiration is a relevant breeding target for high water-use efficiency in grapevine
A Coupel-Ledru, E Lebon, A Christophe, A Gallo, P Gago, F Pantin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (32), 8963-8968, 2016
Genetic variation in a grapevine progeny (Vitis vinifera L. cvs Grenache×Syrah) reveals inconsistencies between maintenance of daytime leaf water potential and …
A Coupel-Ledru, É Lebon, A Christophe, A Doligez, L Cabrera-Bosquet, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 65 (21), 6205-6218, 2014
Guard cells integrate light and temperature signals to control stomatal aperture
KI Kostaki, A Coupel-Ledru, VC Bonnell, M Gustavsson, P Sun, ...
Plant Physiology 182 (3), 1404-1419, 2020
Phenomics allows identification of genomic regions affecting maize stomatal conductance with conditional effects of water deficit and evaporative demand
SA Prado, L Cabrera‐Bosquet, A Grau, A Coupel‐Ledru, EJ Millet, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 41 (2), 314-326, 2018
Abscisic acid down-regulates hydraulic conductance of grapevine leaves in isohydric genotypes only
A Coupel-Ledru, SD Tyerman, D Masclef, E Lebon, A Christophe, ...
Plant Physiology 175 (3), 1121-1134, 2017
Adapting plant material to face water stress in vineyards: which physiological targets for an optimal control of plant water status?
T Simonneau, E Lebon, A Coupel-Ledru, E Marguerit, L Rossdeutsch, ...
OENO one 51 (2), 167, 2017
Genetic and environmental dissection of biomass accumulation in multi-genotype maize canopies
TW Chen, L Cabrera-Bosquet, S Alvarez Prado, R Perez, S Artzet, ...
Journal of experimental botany 70 (9), 2523-2534, 2019
Multi-scale high-throughput phenotyping of apple architectural and functional traits in orchard reveals genotypic variability under contrasted watering regimes
A Coupel-Ledru, B Pallas, M Delalande, F Boudon, E Carrié, S Martinez, ...
Horticulture research 6, 2019
Maize adaptation across temperate climates was obtained via expression of two florigen genes
S Castelletti, A Coupel-Ledru, I Granato, C Palaffre, L Cabrera-Bosquet, ...
PLoS genetics 16 (7), e1008882, 2020
Short-and long-term effects of UVA on Arabidopsis are mediated by a novel cGMP phosphodiesterase
JC Isner, VA Olteanu, AJ Hetherington, A Coupel-Ledru, P Sun, ...
Current biology 29 (15), 2580-2585. e4, 2019
Tree architecture, light interception and water‐use related traits are controlled by different genomic regions in an apple tree core collection
A Coupel‐Ledru, B Pallas, M Delalande, V Segura, B Guitton, H Muranty, ...
New Phytologist 234 (1), 209-226, 2022
Countering elevated CO2 induced Fe and Zn reduction in Arabidopsis seeds
P Sun, JC Isner, A Coupel‐Ledru, Q Zhang, AJ Pridgeon, Y He, ...
New Phytologist 235 (5), 1796-1806, 2022
Harnessing multivariate, penalized regression methods for genomic prediction and QTL detection of drought-related traits in grapevine
C Brault, A Doligez, L Cunff, A Coupel-Ledru, T Simonneau, J Chiquet, ...
G3 11 (9), jkab248, 2021
A multi-site experiment in a network of European fields for assessing the maize yield response to environmental scenarios
EJ Millet, C Pommier, M Buy, A Nagel, W Kruijer, T Welz-Bolduan, ...
Recherche Data Gouv, 2022
Plant water-use efficiency
A Coupel-Ledru
eLS 2, 1-8, 2021
Harnessing multivariate, penalized regression methods for genomic prediction and QTL detection to cope with climate change affecting grapevine
C Brault, A Doligez, L le Cunff, A Coupel-Ledru, T Simonneau, J Chiquet, ...
bioRxiv, 2020.10. 26.355420, 2020
Multi-scale high-throughput phenotyping of an apple tree core collection under water stress condition
B Pallas, M Delalande, A Coupel-Ledru, F Boudon, J Ngao, S Martinez, ...
30. International Horticultural Congress IHC2018, 2018
Genetic control of stomatal conductance in maize and conditional effects to water deficit and evaporative demand as revealed by phenomics
SA Prado, LC Bosquet, A Grau, A Coupel-Ledru, E Millet, F Tardieu
60. Maize Genetics Conference, 2018
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