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Bérengère Lebental
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Highly reproducible, hysteresis-free, flexible strain sensors by inkjet printing of carbon nanotubes
F Michelis, L Bodelot, Y Bonnassieux, B Lebental
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B Lebental
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CMUT cell formed from a membrane of nanotubes or nanowires or nanorods and device for ultra high frequency acoustic imaging including multiple cells of this kind
B Lebental, A Ghis
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The Sense-City project
F Derkx, B Lebental, T Bourouina, F Bourquin, CS Cojocaru, E Robine, ...
XVIIIth Symposium on Vibrations, Shocks and Noise, 2012
Aligned carbon nanotube based ultrasonic microtransducers for durability monitoring in civil engineering
B Lebental, P Chainais, P Chenevier, N Chevalier, E Delevoye, JM Fabbri, ...
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F Michelis, L Bodelot, CS Cojocaru, JL Sorin, Y Bonnassieux, ...
EWSHM-7th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, 2014
Electrostatic method to estimate the mechanical properties of suspended membranes applied to nickel-coated graphene oxide
N Sridi, B Lebental, J Azevedo, JCP Gabriel, A Ghis
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Visco-acoustic modelling of a vibrating plate interacting with water confined in a domain of micrometric size
B Lebental, F Bourquin
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Procédé et dispositif d'analyse acoustique de microporosites dans un matériau tel que le béton à l'aide d'une pluralité de transducteurs CMUTS incorporés dans le matériau
B Lebental, A Ghis, E Delevoye
Oxidation-based continuous laser writing in vertical nano-crystalline graphite thin films
L Loisel, I Florea, CS Cojocaru, BK Tay, B Lebental
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-9, 2016
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