Thierry Jauffrais
Thierry Jauffrais
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The role of Azadinium spinosum (Dinophyceae) in the production of azaspiracid shellfish poisoning in mussels
R Salas, U Tillmann, U John, J Kilcoyne, A Burson, C Cantwell, P Hess, ...
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Production and isolation of azaspiracid-1 and-2 from Azadinium spinosum culture in pilot scale photobioreactors
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Isolation, Structure Elucidation, Relative LC-MS Response, and in Vitro Toxicity of Azaspiracids from the Dinoflagellate Azadinium spinosum
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Effect of light on photosynthetic efficiency of sequestered chloroplasts in intertidal benthic foraminifera (Haynesina germanica and Ammonia tepida)
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U Tillmann, R Salas, T Jauffrais, P Hess, J Silke
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Effects of organic and inorganic nitrogen on the growth and production of domoic acid by Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries and P. australis (Bacillariophyceae) in culture
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Effect of environmental and nutritional factors on growth and azaspiracid production of the dinoflagellate Azadinium spinosum
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Effect of Azadinium spinosum on the feeding behaviour and azaspiracid accumulation of Mytilus edulis
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Ultrastructure and distribution of kleptoplasts in benthic foraminifera from shallow-water (photic) habitats
T Jauffrais, C LeKieffre, KA Koho, M Tsuchiya, M Schweizer, JM Bernhard, ...
Marine Micropaleontology 138, 46-62, 2018
Growth and biochemical composition of a microphytobenthic diatom (Entomoneis paludosa) exposed to shorebird (Calidris alpina) droppings
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Ostreopsis cf. ovata in the French Mediterranean coast: Molecular characterisation and toxin profile
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Physiological and photophysiological responses of the benthic diatom Entomoneis paludosa (Bacillariophyceae) to dissolved inorganic and organic nitrogen in …
T Jauffrais, B Jesus, V Méléder, V Turpin, D Arnaldo, P Raimbault, ...
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Marine Institute, 2014
Sequestered Chloroplasts in the Benthic Foraminifer Haynesina Germanica: Cellular Organization, Oxygen Fluxes and Potential Ecological Implications
F Cesbron, E Geslin, C Le Kieffre, T Jauffrais, MP Nardelli, D Langlet, ...
Journal of Foraminiferal Research 47 (3), 268-278, 2017
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