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Self-assembly of the 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane multilayers on Si and hysteretic current–voltage characteristics
AK Chauhan, DK Aswal, SP Koiry, SK Gupta, JV Yakhmi, C Sürgers, ...
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XPS, UV–Vis, FTIR, and EXAFS Studies to Investigate the Binding Mechanism of N719 Dye onto Oxalic Acid Treated TiO2 and Its Implication on Photovoltaic …
J Singh, A Gusain, V Saxena, AK Chauhan, P Veerender, SP Koiry, P Jha, ...
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Free-standing polypyrrole films as substrate-free and Pt-free counter electrodes for quasi-solid dye-sensitized solar cells
P Veerender, V Saxena, P Jha, SP Koiry, A Gusain, S Samanta, ...
Organic Electronics 13 (12), 3032-3039, 2012
Air-stability and bending properties of flexible organic field-effect transistors based on poly [N-9′-heptadecanyl-2, 7-carbazole-alt-5, 5-(4′, 7′-di-2-thienyl-2′, 1′, 3 …
P Jha, SP Koiry, V Saxena, P Veerender, A Gusain, AK Chauhan, ...
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Growth of free-standing polypyrrole nanosheets at air/liquid interface using J-aggregate of porphyrin derivative as in-situ template
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Co-sensitization of N719 and RhCL dyes on carboxylic acid treated TiO2 for enhancement of light harvesting and reduced recombination
V Saxena, P Veerender, A Gusain, P Jha, J Singh, SP Koiry, PV Varde, ...
Organic Electronics 14 (11), 3098-3108, 2013
Electrical bistability in electrografted 5-(4-undecenyloxyphenyl)-10, 15, 20-triphenylporphyrin monolayer on Si
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Negative differential resistance in electrografted layer of N-(2-(4-diazoniophenyl) ethyl)-N′-hexylnaphthalene-1, 8: 4, 5-tetracarboxydiimide tetrafluoroborate on Si
SP Koiry, DK Aswal, B Jousselme, C Majumdar, SK Gupta, S Palacin, ...
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V Saxena, S Choudhury, P Jha, SP Koiry, AK Debnath, DK Aswal, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 150 (1), 7-11, 2010
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