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Catalysis of transesterification by a nonfunctionalized metal− organic framework: acido-basicity at the external surface of ZIF-8 probed by FTIR and ab initio calculations
C Chizallet, S Lazare, D Bazer-Bachi, F Bonnier, V Lecocq, E Soyer, ...
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MC Silaghi, C Chizallet, P Raybaud
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Comparison of the behavior of metal–organic frameworks and zeolites for hydrocarbon separations
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ZnO oxygen vacancies formation and filling followed by in situ photoluminescence and in situ EPR
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Modulation of catalyst particle structure upon support hydroxylation: Ab initio insights into Pd13 and Pt13/γ-Al2O3
CH Hu, C Chizallet, C Mager-Maury, M Corral-Valero, P Sautet, ...
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Atomic description of the interface between silica and alumina in aluminosilicates through dynamic nuclear polarization surface-enhanced NMR spectroscopy and first-principles …
M Valla, AJ Rossini, M Caillot, C Chizallet, P Raybaud, M Digne, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (33), 10710-10719, 2015
A spectroscopy and catalysis study of the nature of active sites of MgO catalysts: Thermodynamic Brønsted basicity versus reactivity of basic sites
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Experimental and Computational Study of Functionality Impact on Sodalite–Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks for CO2 Separation
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Revisiting acido-basicity of the MgO surface by periodic density functional theory calculations: role of surface topology and ion coordination on water dissociation
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Pseudo‐bridging silanols as versatile brønsted acid sites of amorphous aluminosilicate surfaces
C Chizallet, P Raybaud
Angewandte Chemie 121 (16), 2935-2937, 2009
Brønsted acidity of amorphous silica–alumina: The molecular rules of proton transfer
F Leydier, C Chizallet, A Chaumonnot, M Digne, E Soyer, AA Quoineaud, ...
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The Origin of the Activity of Amine‐Functionalized Metal–Organic Frameworks in the Catalytic Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonates from Epoxide and CO2
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C Mager-Maury, C Chizallet, P Sautet, P Raybaud
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External surface of zeolite imidazolate frameworks viewed ab initio: multifunctionality at the organic− inorganic interface
C Chizallet, N Bats
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From γ-alumina to supported platinum nanoclusters in reforming conditions: 10 years of DFT modeling and beyond
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Monitoring Morphology and Hydrogen Coverage of Nanometric Pt/γ‐Al2O3 Particles by In Situ HERFD–XANES and Quantum Simulations
A Gorczyca, V Moizan, C Chizallet, O Proux, W Del Net, E Lahera, ...
Angewandte Chemie 126 (46), 12634-12637, 2014
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