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Canalization of gene expression in the Drosophila blastoderm by gap genes cross regulation
M Manu, S Surkova, AV Spirov, V Gursky, H Janssens, AR Kim, ...
Plos Biology 7, 3, 2009
Characterization of the Drosophila segment determination morphome
S Surkova, D Kosman, K Kozlov, E Myasnikova, AA Samsonova, A Spirov, ...
Developmental biology 313 (2), 844-862, 2008
Formation of the bicoid morphogen gradient: an mRNA gradient dictates the protein gradient
A Spirov, K Fahmy, M Schneider, E Frei, M Noll, S Baumgartner
Development 136 (4), 605-614, 2009
Spatial bistability generates hunchback expression sharpness in the Drosophila embryo
FJP Lopes, FMC Vieira, DM Holloway, PM Bisch, AV Spirov
PLoS computational biology 4 (9), 2008
Analysis of pattern precision shows that Drosophila segmentation develops substantial independence from gradients of maternal gene products
DM Holloway, LG Harrison, D Kosman, CE Vanario‐Alonso, AV Spirov
Developmental Dynamics 235 (11), 2949-2960, 2006
Gene expression noise in spatial patterning: hunchback promoter structure affects noise amplitude and distribution in Drosophila segmentation
DM Holloway, FJP Lopes, L da Fontoura Costa, BAN Travençolo, ...
PLoS computational biology 7 (2), 2011
Making the body plan: precision in the genetic hierarchy of Drosophila embryo segmentation
AV Spirov, DM Holloway
In silico biology 3 (1, 2), 89-100, 2003
Graphical interface to the genetic network database GeNet.
VN Serov, AV Spirov, MG Samsonova
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 14 (6), 546-547, 1998
Using evolutionary computations to understand the design and evolution of gene and cell regulatory networks
A Spirov, D Holloway
Methods 62 (1), 39-55, 2013
Singular Spectrum Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles of Early Drosophila embryo: Exponential-in-Distance Patterns
T Alexandrov, N Golyandina, A Spirov
Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008, 2008
HOX Pro DB: the functional genomics of hox ensembles
AV Spirov, M Borovsky, OA Spirova
Nucleic acids research 30 (1), 351-353, 2002
HOX Pro: a specialized database for clusters and networks of homeobox genes
AV Spirov, T Bowler, J Reinitz
Nucleic acids research 28 (1), 337-340, 2000
The role of Bicoid cooperative binding in the patterning of sharp borders in Drosophila melanogaster
FJP Lopes, AV Spirov, PM Bisch
Developmental biology 370 (2), 165-172, 2012
Jumping genes-mutators can rise efficacy of evolutionary search
AV Spirov, AB Kazansky
Proceedings of the 4th Annual Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary …, 2002
Strategy of co-evolution of transposons and host genome: Application to evolutionary computations
AV Spirov, MG Samsonova
Proceedings of the Third Nordic Workshop on Genetic Algorithms and their …, 1997
Measuring gene expression noise in early Drosophila embryos: nucleus-to-nucleus variability
NE Golyandina, DM Holloway, FJP Lopes, AV Spirov, EN Spirova, ...
Procedia computer science 9, 373-382, 2012
Mid-embryo patterning and precision in Drosophila segmentation: Krüppel dual regulation of hunchback
DM Holloway, AV Spirov
PLoS One 10 (3), 2015
Transposon element technique applied to GA-based John Muir's trail test
AV Spirov, AS Kadyrov
International Conference on High-Performance Computing and Networking, 925-928, 1998
Self-assemblage of gene nets in evolution via recruiting of new netters
AV Spirov
International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature, 91-100, 1996
Sharp borders from fuzzy gradients
DM Holloway, J Reinitz, A Spirov, CE Vanario-Alonso
TRENDS in Genetics 18 (8), 385-387, 2002
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