François Ingremeau
François Ingremeau
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The mechanical world of bacteria
A Persat, CD Nadell, MK Kim, F Ingremeau, A Siryaporn, K Drescher, ...
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Local and global consequences of flow on bacterial quorum sensing
MK Kim, F Ingremeau, A Zhao, BL Bassler, HA Stone
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Cell-like pressure sensors reveal increase of mechanical stress towards the core of multicellular spheroids under compression
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Passive appendages generate drift through symmetry breaking
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Stretching polymers in droplet-pinch-off experiments
F Ingremeau, H Kellay
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From intermittent to nonintermittent behavior in two dimensional thermal convection in a soap bubble
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Scaling of near-wall flows in quasi-two-dimensional turbulent channels
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Drying of a coffee drop: differences between dry and wet tables?
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Passive appendages aid locomotion through symmetry breaking
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Effect of low Reynolds number flow on the quorum sensing behavior of sessile bacteria
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Conformations des molécules de polymères lors de la rupture d une goutte de solution de polymères
Congrès français de mécanique, 2013
Symmetry breaking of rigid/flexible plates in bluff body wakes generates rotation and drift
N Brosse, U Lacis, F Lundell, S Bagheri, F Ingremeau, H Kellay, ...
APS, H17. 007, 2013
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