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Oxidation limited life times of chromia forming ferritic steels
P Huczkowski, V Shemet, J Piron‐Abellan, L Singheiser, WJ Quadakkers, ...
Materials and Corrosion 55 (11), 825-830, 2004
Growth mechanisms and electrical conductivity of oxide scales on ferritic steels proposed as interconnect materials for SOFC's
P Huczkowski, N Christiansen, V Shemet, L Niewolak, J Piron‐Abellan, ...
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A Chyrkin, P Huczkowski, V Shemet, L Singheiser, WJ Quadakkers
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Oxidation induced lifetime limits of chromia forming ferritic interconnector steels
P Huczkowski, N Christiansen, V Shemet, J Piron-Abellan, L Singheiser, ...
Effect of component thickness on lifetime and oxidation rate of chromia forming ferritic steels in low and high pO2 environments
P Huczkowski, S Ertl, J Piron-Abellan, N Christiansen, T Höfler, V Shemet, ...
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Materials and corrosion 65 (2), 121-131, 2014
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D Young, P Huczkowski, T Olszewski, T Hüttel, L Singheiser, ...
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Effect of geometry and compositions of Cr steels on oxide scale properties relevant for interconnector applications in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)
P Huczkowski, WJ Quadakkers
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C Asensio-Jimenez, L Niewolak, H Hattendorf, B Kuhn, P Huczkowski, ...
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P Huczkowski, W Lehnert, HH Angermann, A Chyrkin, R Pillai, D Grüner, ...
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L Singheiser, P Huczkowski, T Markus, WJ Quadakkers
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WJ Quadakkers, P Huczkowski, D Naumenko, J Zurek, GH Meier, ...
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R Duan, A Jalowicka, K Unocic, BA Pint, P Huczkowski, A Chyrkin, ...
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W Leng, R Pillai, P Huczkowski, D Naumenko, WJ Quadakkers
Surface and Coatings Technology 354, 268-280, 2018
Effect of specimen thickness on microstructural changes during oxidation of the NiCrW Alloy 230 at 950–1050 C
A Jalowicka, R Duan, P Huczkowski, A Chyrkin, D Grüner, BA Pint, ...
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Composition modifications and heat treatment procedures for increasing the emissivity of alumina surface scales on FeCrAl alloys
SG Gopalakrishnan, P Huczkowski, J Pernpeintner, T Fend, H Hattendorf, ...
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P Huczkowski, S Najima, A Chyrkin, D Grüner, WJ Quadakkers
Materials at High Temperatures 35 (1-3), 275-290, 2018
Schriften des Forschungszentrum Julich
P Huczkowski, WJ Quadakkers
Energy Technology 65, 2007
Effect of Zr content on the morphology and emissivity of surface oxide scales on FeCrAlY alloys
P Huczkowski, SG Gopalakrishnan, W Nowak, H Hattendorf, R Iskandar, ...
Advanced Engineering Materials 18 (5), 711-720, 2016
Effect of Sulphur on the Oxidation Behaviour of Possible Construction Materials for Heat Exchangers in Oxyfuel Plants in the Temperature Range 550–700° C
P Huczkowski, DJ Young, T Olszewski, A Chyrkin, WJ Quadakkers
Oxidation of Metals 89 (5), 651-681, 2018
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