Ugo Rossi
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Becoming a creative city: The entrepreneurial mayor, network politics and the promise of an urban renaissance
D Ponzini, U Rossi
Urban studies 47 (5), 1037-1057, 2010
Reinventing multiculturalism: urban citizenship and the negotiation of ethnic diversity in Amsterdam
J Uitermark, U Rossi, H Van Houtum
International journal of urban and regional research 29 (3), 622-640, 2005
Geografia politica urbana
U Rossi, A Vanolo
Laterza, 2010
Urban Political Geographies: A Global Perspective
U Rossi, A Vanolo
SAGE Publications Limited, 2011
Cities in global capitalism
U Rossi
John Wiley & Sons, 2017
On life as a fictitious commodity: cities and the biopolitics of late neoliberalism
U Rossi
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 37 (3), 1067-1074, 2013
The variegated economics and the potential politics of the smart city
U Rossi
Territory, Politics, Governance 4 (3), 337-353, 2016
A coming community: young geographers coping with multi-tier spaces of academic publishing across Europe
MB Aalbers, U Rossi
Social & Cultural Geography 8 (2), 283-302, 2007
The multiplex city: The process of urban change in the historic centre of Naples
U Rossi
European urban and regional studies 11 (2), 156-169, 2004
New regionalism contested: some remarks in light of the case of the Mezzogiorno of Italy
U Rossi
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 28 (2), 466-476, 2004
Beyond the Anglo-American hegemony in human geography: a European perspective
MB Aalbers, U Rossi
GeoJournal 67 (2), 137-147, 2006
On the varying ontologies of capitalism Embeddedness, dispossession, subsumption
U Rossi
Progress in Human Geography, 2013
Being here and there: in‐betweeness, double absence, and the making of a multi‐layered academic citizenship
U Rossi
Area 40 (3), 401-406, 2008
Start-up urbanism: New York, Rio de Janeiro and the global urbanization of technology-based economies
U Rossi, A Di Bella
Environment and Planning a 49 (5), 999-1018, 2017
The possibilities and limits to dialogue
R Rose-Redwood, R Kitchin, L Rickards, U Rossi, A Datta, J Crampton
Dialogues in Human Geography 8 (2), 109-123, 2018
Anglo-American/anglophone hegemony
M Aalbers, U Rossi
Elsevier 1, 116-121, 2009
The urban political: Ambivalent spaces of late neoliberalism
T Enright, U Rossi
Springer, 2017
La politica dello spazio pubblico nella città molteplice
U Rossi
Rivista Geografica Italiana 115 (4), 427-458, 2008
Urban neoliberalism
U Rossi, A Vanolo
Elsevier, 2015
The populist eruption and the urban question
U Rossi
Urban Geography 39 (9), 1425-1430, 2018
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