Marie-Agathe Charpagne
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Heteroepitaxial recrystallization: A new mechanism discovered in a polycrystalline γ-γ′ nickel based superalloy
MA Charpagne, T Billot, JM Franchet, N Bozzolo
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 688, 685-694, 2016
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Accurate reconstruction of EBSD datasets by a multimodal data approach using an evolutionary algorithm
MA Charpagne, F Strub, TM Pollock
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JC Stinville, PG Callahan, MA Charpagne, MP Echlin, V Valle, TM Pollock
Acta Materialia 186, 172-189, 2020
Heteroepitaxial recrystallization observed in René 65TM and Udimet 720TM: a new recrystallization mechanism possibly occurring in all low lattice mismatch γ-γ′ superalloys?
MA Charpagne, T Billot, JM Franchet, N Bozzolo
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On the localization of plastic strain in microtextured regions of Ti-6AL-4v
J Cappola, JC Stinville, MA Charpagne, PG Callahan, MLP Echlin, ...
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Automated and quantitative analysis of plastic strain localization via multi-modal data recombination
MA Charpagne, JC Stinville, PG Callahan, D Texier, Z Chen, ...
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S Katnagallu, S Vernier, MA Charpagne, B Gault, N Bozzolo, P Kontis
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MA Charpagne, AT Polonsky, MP Echlin, S Jacomet, J De Jaeger, ...
Scripta Materialia 186, 109-113, 2020
Role of non-metallic inclusions and twins on the variability in fatigue life in alloy 718 nickel base superalloy
D Texier, JC Stinville, MA Charpagne, Z Chen, V Valle, P Villechaise, ...
Superalloys 2020, 629-639, 2020
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S Hémery, JC Stinville, F Wang, MA Charpagne, MG Emigh, TM Pollock, ...
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Time-resolved digital image correlation in the scanning electron microscope for analysis of time-dependent mechanisms
JC Stinville, T Francis, AT Polonsky, CJ Torbet, MA Charpagne, Z Chen, ...
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Design of Nickel-Cobalt-Ruthenium multi-principal element alloys
MA Charpagne, KV Vamsi, YM Eggeler, SP Murray, C Frey, SK Kolli, ...
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Evolutions de microstructure au cours du forgeage de l'alliage René 65
MA Charpagne
Université Paris sciences et lettres, 2016
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MA Charpagne, JC Stinville, AT Polonsky, MP Echlin, TM Pollock
JOM 73 (11), 3263-3271, 2021
High-throughput approach for estimation of intrinsic barriers in FCC structures for alloy design
KV Vamsi, MA Charpagne, TM Pollock
Scripta Materialia 204, 114126, 2021
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