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Aline Muyle
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Rapid De Novo Evolution of X Chromosome Dosage Compensation in Silene latifolia, a Plant with Young Sex Chromosomes
A Muyle, N Zemp, C Deschamps, S Mousset, A Widmer, GAB Marais
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The genetic basis of sex determination in grapes
M Massonnet, N Cochetel, A Minio, AM Vondras, J Lin, A Muyle, JF Garcia, ...
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GC-Biased Gene Conversion and Selection Affect GC Content in the Oryza Genus (rice)
A Muyle, L Serres-Giardi, A Ressayre, J Escobar, S Glémin
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GC-Biased Gene Conversion and Selection Affect GC Content in the Oryza Genus (rice)
A Muyle, L Serres-Giardi, A Ressayre, J Escobar, S Glémin
Molecular biology and evolution 28 (9), 2695-2706, 2011
The evolution of sex chromosomes and dosage compensation in plants
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Early Sex-Chromosome Evolution in the Diploid Dioecious Plant Mercurialis annua
P Veltsos, KE Ridout, MA Toups, SC González-Martínez, A Muyle, ...
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The genome-wide dynamics of purging during selfing in maize
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Gene body methylation in plants: mechanisms, functions, and important implications for understanding evolutionary processes
AM Muyle, DK Seymour, Y Lv, B Huettel, BS Gaut
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Evolution of young sex chromosomes in two dioecious sister plant species with distinct sex determination systems
H Martin, F Carpentier, S Gallina, C Godé, E Schmitt, A Muyle, ...
Genome biology and evolution 11 (2), 350-361, 2019
Dioecy Is Associated with High Genetic Diversity and Adaptation Rates in the Plant Genus Silene
A Muyle, H Martin, N Zemp, M Mollion, S Gallina, R Tavares, A Silva, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 38 (3), 805-818, 2021
Chromosome‐scale assembly of the genome of Salix dunnii reveals a male‐heterogametic sex determination system on chromosome 7
L He, KH Jia, RG Zhang, Y Wang, TL Shi, ZC Li, SW Zeng, XJ Cai, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 21 (6), 1966-1982, 2021
Genomic imprinting mediates dosage compensation in a young plant XY system
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Plant epigenetics: phenotypic and functional diversity beyond the DNA sequence
MT Boquete, A Muyle, C Alonso
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Loss of Gene Body Methylation in Eutrema salsugineum Is Associated with Reduced Gene Expression
A Muyle, BS Gaut
Molecular Biology and Evolution 36 (1), 155-158, 2019
Evolutionary genomics and the domestication of grapes
Y Zhou, A Muyle, BS Gaut
The grape genome, 39-55, 2019
Identifying new sex-linked genes through BAC sequencing in the dioecious plant Silene latifolia
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Epigenetics drive the evolution of sex chromosomes in animals and plants
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Mating systems and selection efficacy: a test using chloroplastic sequence data in Angiosperms
S Glémin, A Muyle
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27 (7), 1386-1399, 2014
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