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Gene silencing by microRNAs: contributions of translational repression and mRNA decay
E Huntzinger, E Izaurralde
Nature Reviews Genetics 12 (2), 99, 2011
Getting to the root of miRNA-mediated gene silencing
A Eulalio, E Huntzinger, E Izaurralde
Cell 132 (1), 9-14, 2008
Deadenylation is a widespread effect of miRNA regulation
A Eulalio, E Huntzinger, T Nishihara, J Rehwinkel, M Fauser, E Izaurralde
Rna 15 (1), 21-32, 2009
GW182 interaction with Argonaute is essential for miRNA-mediated translational repression and mRNA decay
A Eulalio, E Huntzinger, E Izaurralde
Nature structural & molecular biology 15 (4), 346, 2008
Staphylococcus aureus RNAIII coordinately represses the synthesis of virulence factors and the transcription regulator Rot by an antisense mechanism
S Boisset, T Geissmann, E Huntzinger, P Fechter, N Bendridi, ...
Genes & development 21 (11), 1353-1366, 2007
Target-specific requirements for enhancers of decapping in miRNA-mediated gene silencing
A Eulalio, J Rehwinkel, M Stricker, E Huntzinger, SF Yang, T Doerks, ...
Genes & development 21 (20), 2558-2570, 2007
GW182 proteins directly recruit cytoplasmic deadenylase complexes to miRNA targets
JE Braun, E Huntzinger, M Fauser, E Izaurralde
Molecular cell 44 (1), 120-133, 2011
Staphylococcus aureus RNAIII and the endoribonuclease III coordinately regulate spa gene expression
E Huntzinger, S Boisset, C Saveanu, Y Benito, T Geissmann, A Namane, ...
The EMBO journal 24 (4), 824-835, 2005
SMG6 is the catalytic endonuclease that cleaves mRNAs containing nonsense codons in metazoan
E Huntzinger, I Kashima, M Fauser, J Saulière, E Izaurralde
Rna 14 (12), 2609-2617, 2008
The silencing domain of GW182 interacts with PABPC1 to promote translational repression and degradation of microRNA targets and is required for target release
L Zekri, E Huntzinger, S Heimstädt, E Izaurralde
Molecular and cellular biology 29 (23), 6220-6231, 2009
The poly (A) binding protein Hfq protects RNA from RNase E and exoribonucleolytic degradation
M Folichon, V Arluison, O Pellegrini, E Huntzinger, P Régnier, E Hajnsdorf
Nucleic acids research 31 (24), 7302-7310, 2003
Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay effectors are essential for zebrafish embryonic development and survival
N Wittkopp, E Huntzinger, C Weiler, J Saulière, S Schmidt, M Sonawane, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 29 (13), 3517-3528, 2009
Crystal structure of the MID-PIWI lobe of a eukaryotic Argonaute protein
A Boland, E Huntzinger, S Schmidt, E Izaurralde, O Weichenrieder
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (26), 10466-10471, 2011
Two PABPC1‐binding sites in GW182 proteins promote miRNA‐mediated gene silencing
E Huntzinger, JE Braun, S Heimstädt, L Zekri, E Izaurralde
The EMBO journal 29 (24), 4146-4160, 2010
A direct interaction between DCP1 and XRN1 couples mRNA decapping to 5′ exonucleolytic degradation
JE Braun, V Truffault, A Boland, E Huntzinger, CT Chang, G Haas, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 19 (12), 1324, 2012
The interactions of GW182 proteins with PABP and deadenylases are required for both translational repression and degradation of miRNA targets
E Huntzinger, D Kuzuoğlu-Öztürk, JE Braun, A Eulalio, L Wohlbold, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (2), 978-994, 2012
The role of GW182 proteins in miRNA-mediated gene silencing
JE Braun, E Huntzinger, E Izaurralde
Ten Years of Progress in GW/P Body Research, 147-163, 2013
The structural basis for the interaction between the CAF1 nuclease and the NOT1 scaffold of the human CCR4–NOT deadenylase complex
AP Petit, L Wohlbold, P Bawankar, E Huntzinger, S Schmidt, E Izaurralde, ...
Nucleic acids research 40 (21), 11058-11072, 2012
Role of GW182 proteins and PABPC1 in the miRNA pathway: a sense of deja vu
F Tritschler, E Huntzinger, E Izaurralde
Nature reviews Molecular cell biology 11 (5), 379, 2010
Structure of the PAN3 pseudokinase reveals the basis for interactions with the PAN2 deadenylase and the GW182 proteins
M Christie, A Boland, E Huntzinger, O Weichenrieder, E Izaurralde
Molecular cell 51 (3), 360-373, 2013
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