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Massive recycling of nitrogen and other fluid-mobile elements (K, Rb, Cs, H) in a cold slab environment: evidence from HP to UHP oceanic metasediments of the Schistes Lustrés …
V Busigny, P Cartigny, P Philippot, M Ader, M Javoy
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 215 (1-2), 27-42, 2003
Interpretation of the nitrogen isotopic composition of Precambrian sedimentary rocks: Assumptions and perspectives
M Ader, C Thomazo, P Sansjofre, V Busigny, D Papineau, R Laffont, ...
Chemical Geology 429, 93-110, 2016
Ocean redox structure across the Late Neoproterozoic Oxygenation Event: a nitrogen isotope perspective
M Ader, P Sansjofre, GP Halverson, V Busigny, RIF Trindade, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 396, 1-13, 2014
Biomineralization of iron-phosphates in the water column of Lake Pavin (Massif Central, France)
J Cosmidis, K Benzerara, G Morin, V Busigny, O Lebeau, D Jézéquel, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 126, 78-96, 2014
Iron isotopes in an Archean ocean analogue
V Busigny, NJ Planavsky, D Jézéquel, S Crowe, P Louvat, J Moureau, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 133, 443-462, 2014
Identification of chemical sedimentary protoliths using iron isotopes in the> 3750 Ma Nuvvuagittuq supracrustal belt, Canada
N Dauphas, NL Cates, SJ Mojzsis, V Busigny
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 254 (3-4), 358-376, 2007
Nitrogen isotopes in ophiolitic metagabbros: A re-evaluation of modern nitrogen fluxes in subduction zones and implication for the early Earth atmosphere
V Busigny, P Cartigny, P Philippot
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75 (23), 7502-7521, 2011
Insights into C and H storage in the altered oceanic crust: Results from ODP/IODP Hole 1256D
S Shilobreeva, I Martinez, V Busigny, P Agrinier, C Laverne
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Biological activity and the Earth's surface evolution: insights from carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and iron stable isotopes in the rock record
C Thomazo, DL Pinti, V Busigny, M Ader, K Hashizume, P Philippot
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Nitrogen in the silicate Earth: Speciation and isotopic behavior during mineral–fluid interactions
V Busigny, GE Bebout
Elements 9 (5), 353-358, 2013
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M Bonifacie, V Busigny, C Mével, P Philippot, P Agrinier, N Jendrzejewski, ...
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Globally asynchronous sulphur isotope signals require re-definition of the Great Oxidation Event
P Philippot, JN Ávila, BA Killingsworth, S Tessalina, F Baton, T Caquineau, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 2245, 2018
Iron isotope, major and trace element characterization of early Archean supracrustal rocks from SW Greenland: protolith identification and metamorphic overprint
N Dauphas, M van Zuilen, V Busigny, A Lepland, M Wadhwa, PE Janney
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Ammonium quantification in muscovite by infrared spectroscopy
V Busigny, P Cartigny, P Philippot, M Javoy
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Tracing paleofluid circulations using iron isotopes: A study of hematite and goethite concretions from the Navajo Sandstone (Utah, USA)
V Busigny, N Dauphas
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 254 (3-4), 272-287, 2007
Iron‐biomineralizing organelle in magnetotactic bacteria: function, synthesis and preservation in ancient rock samples
M Amor, FP Mathon, CL Monteil, V Busigny, CT Lefevre
Environmental Microbiology 22 (9), 3611-3632, 2020
Iron isotopes in the Seine River (France): Natural versus anthropogenic sources
JB Chen, V Busigny, J Gaillardet, P Louvat, YN Wang
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Mass-dependent and-independent signature of Fe isotopes in magnetotactic bacteria
M Amor, V Busigny, P Louvat, A Gélabert, P Cartigny, M Durand-Dubief, ...
Science 352 (6286), 705-708, 2016
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