Dr. Manan Suri
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Phase change memory as synapse for ultra-dense neuromorphic systems: Application to complex visual pattern extraction
M Suri, O Bichler, D Querlioz, O Cueto, L Perniola, V Sousa, D Vuillaume, ...
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M Suri
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M Suri, V Sousa, L Perniola, D Vuillaume, B DeSalvo
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OXRAM based ELM architecture for multi-class classification applications
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Neuromorphic Hardware Accelerated Adaptive Authentication System
SN Manan Suri, Vivek Parmar, Akshay Singla, Rishabh Malviya
Computational Intelligence, 2015 IEEE Symposium Series on, 1206 - 1213, 2015
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