Frédéric Avenier
Frédéric Avenier
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Polyethylene imine derivatives (‘synzymes') accelerate phosphate transfer in the absence of metal
F Avenier, JB Domingos, LD Van Vliet, F Hollfelder
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (24), 7611-7619, 2007
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A Trehoux, JP Mahy, F Avenier
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S Chardon-Noblat, O Horner, B Chabut, F Avenier, N Debaecker, P Jones, ...
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Y Roux, R Ricoux, F Avenier, JP Mahy
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Selective Formation of an FeIVO or an FeIIIOOH Intermediate From Iron(II) and H2O2: Controlled Heterolytic versus Homolytic Oxygen–Oxygen Bond Cleavage …
K Cheaib, MQE Mubarak, K Sénéchal‐David, C Herrero, R Guillot, ...
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F Avenier, F Hollfelder
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Redox Self‐Adaptation of a Nitrene Transfer Catalyst to the Substrate Needs
E Gouré, D Senthilnathan, G Coin, F Albrieux, F Avenier, P Dubourdeaux, ...
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Relating chemical and biological diversity space: A tunable system for efficient gene transfection
LD Van Vliet, MR Chapman, F Avenier, CZ Kitson, F Hollfelder
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A Urvoas, W Ghattas, JD Maréchal, F Avenier, F Bellande, W Mao, ...
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A Trehoux, Y Roux, R Guillot, JP Mahy, F Avenier
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Reduction of a tris (picolyl) amine copper (II) complex by a polymeric flavo-reductase model in water
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D Moonshiram, A Picón, A Vazquez-Mayagoitia, X Zhang, MF Tu, ...
Chemical Communications 53 (18), 2725-2728, 2017
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