Clément Tauber
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Bulk–edge correspondence for two-dimensional floquet topological insulators
GM Graf, C Tauber
Annales Henri Poincaré 19 (3), 709-741, 2018
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C Tauber, P Delplace
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C Tauber, P Delplace, A Venaille
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C Tauber
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Odd bulk-interface correspondence in fluids
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B Lapierre, K Choo, A Tiwari, C Tauber, T Neupert, R Chitra
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Topology in shallow-water waves: a violation of bulk-edge correspondence
GM Graf, H Jud, C Tauber
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Trois applications d’une approche géométrique à la théorie conforme des champs
MC Tauber
Lyon, École normale supérieure, 2015
Three applications of a geometric approach to conformal field theory
C Tauber
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