Chaeho Byun
Chaeho Byun
Research Professor at Yonsei University
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Plant functional group identity and diversity determine biotic resistance to invasion by an exotic grass
C Byun, S de Blois, J Brisson
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Mapping local and global variability in plant trait distributions
EE Butler, A Datta, H Flores-Moreno, M Chen, KR Wythers, F Fazayeli, ...
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Interactions between abiotic constraint, propagule pressure, and biotic resistance regulate plant invasion
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Multiple facets of biodiversity drive the diversity–stability relationship
D Craven, N Eisenhauer, WD Pearse, Y Hautier, F Isbell, C Roscher, ...
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The optimal environmental ranges for wetland plants: I. Zizania latifolia and Typha angustifolia
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Ecological assessment of plant succession and water quality in abandoned rice fields
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sPlot–A new tool for global vegetation analyses
H Bruelheide, J Dengler, B Jiménez‐Alfaro, O Purschke, SM Hennekens, ...
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Ecological application of biotic resistance to control the invasion of an invasive plant, Ageratina altissima
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Phylogenetic patterns and phenotypic profiles of the species of plants and mammals farmed for food
R Milla, JM Bastida, MM Turcotte, G Jones, C Violle, CP Osborne, ...
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Management of invasive plants through ecological resistance
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Effects of flooding regime on wetland plant growth and species dominance in a mesocosm experiment
C Byun, JM Nam, JG Kim
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Estimation of carbon storage in coastal wetlands and comparison of different management schemes in South Korea
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Trait-based evaluation of plant assemblages in traditional farm ponds in Korea: Ecological and management implications
S Yoon, GW Kim, H Choi, C Byun, D Lee
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Giant Ragweed Invasion is Not Well Controlled by Biotic Resistance
C Byun, EJ Lee
Journal of Plant Biology 61 (5), 301-308, 2018
Does the leaf economic spectrum hold within plant functional types? A Bayesian multivariate trait meta-analysis
AN Shiklomanov, EM Cowdery, M Bahn, C Byun, S Jansen, K Kramer, ...
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Microbial mechanism for enhanced methane emission in deep soil layer of Phragmites-introduced tidal marsh
J Kim, DR Chaudhary, J Lee, C Byun, W Ding, BO Kwon, JS Khim, ...
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Effect of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on the allelopathic potential of common ragweed
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Robustness of trait connections across environmental gradients and growth forms
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Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2019
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