Andrey Fedyanin
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Magnetophotonic crystals
M Inoue, R Fujikawa, A Baryshev, A Khanikaev, PB Lim, H Uchida, ...
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Enhanced third-harmonic generation in silicon nanoparticles driven by magnetic response
MR Shcherbakov, DN Neshev, B Hopkins, AS Shorokhov, I Staude, ...
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Ultrafast all-optical switching with magnetic resonances in nonlinear dielectric nanostructures
MR Shcherbakov, PP Vabishchevich, AS Shorokhov, KE Chong, DY Choi, ...
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Multifold enhancement of third-harmonic generation in dielectric nanoparticles driven by magnetic Fano resonances
AS Shorokhov, EV Melik-Gaykazyan, DA Smirnova, B Hopkins, KE Chong, ...
Nano letters 16 (8), 4857-4861, 2016
Surface-plasmon-induced enhancement of magneto-optical Kerr effect in all-nickel subwavelength nanogratings
AA Grunin, AG Zhdanov, AA Ezhov, EA Ganshina, AA Fedyanin
Applied Physics Letters 97 (26), 261908, 2010
Anomalous Faraday effect of a system with extraordinary optical transmittance
AB Khanikaev, AV Baryshev, AA Fedyanin, AB Granovsky, M Inoue
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Nonlinear interference and tailorable third-harmonic generation from dielectric oligomers
MR Shcherbakov, AS Shorokhov, DN Neshev, B Hopkins, I Staude, ...
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Ultrafast all-optical tuning of direct-gap semiconductor metasurfaces
MR Shcherbakov, S Liu, VV Zubyuk, A Vaskin, PP Vabishchevich, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 17, 2017
dc-electric-field-induced and low-frequency electromodulation second-harmonic generation spectroscopy of Si (001)− SiO 2 interfaces
OA Aktsipetrov, AA Fedyanin, AV Melnikov, ED Mishina, AN Rubtsov, ...
Physical Review B 60 (12), 8924, 1999
Optical second-harmonic generation induced by a dc electric field at the Si–SiO 2 interface
OA Aktsipetrov, AA Fedyanin, VN Golovkina, TV Murzina
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Giant microcavity enhancement of second-harmonic generation in all-silicon photonic crystals
TV Dolgova, AI Maidykovski, MG Martemyanov, AA Fedyanin, ...
Applied physics letters 81 (15), 2725-2727, 2002
dc-electric-field-induced second-harmonic generation in Si (111)-SiO 2-Cr metal-oxide-semiconductor structures
OA Aktsipetrov, AA Fedyanin, ED Mishina, AN Rubtsov, CW Van Hasselt, ...
Physical Review B 54 (3), 1825, 1996
Giant Goos-Hänchen effect and Fano resonance at photonic crystal surfaces
IV Soboleva, VV Moskalenko, AA Fedyanin
Physical review letters 108 (12), 123901, 2012
Observation of hybrid state of Tamm and surface plasmon-polaritons in one-dimensional photonic crystals
BI Afinogenov, VO Bessonov, AA Nikulin, AA Fedyanin
Applied Physics Letters 103 (6), 061112, 2013
Giant optical second-harmonic generation in single and coupled microcavities formed from one-dimensional photonic crystals
TV Dolgova, AI Maidykovski, MG Martemyanov, AA Fedyanin, ...
JOSA B 19 (9), 2129-2140, 2002
Enhanced Faraday and nonlinear magneto-optical Kerr effects in magnetophotonic crystals
AA Fedyanin, OA Aktsipetrov, D Kobayashi, K Nishimura, H Uchida, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 282, 256-259, 2004
Second-harmonic generation in metal and semiconductor low-dimensional structures
OA Aktsipetrov, PV Elyutin, AA Fedyanin, AA Nikulin, AN Rubtsov
Surface science 325 (3), 343-355, 1995
Fluorescence emission enhanced by surface electromagnetic waves on one-dimensional photonic crystals
IV Soboleva, E Descrovi, C Summonte, AA Fedyanin, F Giorgis
Applied Physics Letters 94 (23), 231122, 2009
Nonlinear diffraction and second-harmonic generation enhancement in silicon-opal photonic crystals
AA Fedyanin, OA Aktsipetrov, DA Kurdyukov, VG Golubev, M Inoue
Applied Physics Letters 87 (15), 151111, 2005
Mesh-based Monte Carlo method in time-domain widefield fluorescence molecular tomography
J Chen, Q Fang, X Intes
Journal of biomedical optics 17 (10), 106009, 2012
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