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Alain Dautant
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The modulation in subunits e and g amounts of yeast ATP synthase modifies mitochondrial cristae morphology
G Arselin, J Vaillier, B Salin, J Schaeffer, MF Giraud, A Dautant, D Brèthes, ...
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The GxxxG motif of the transmembrane domain of subunit e is involved in the dimerization/oligomerization of the yeast ATP synthase complex in the mitochondrial membrane
G Arselin, MF Giraud, A Dautant, J Vaillier, D Brethes, B Coulary‐Salin, ...
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Failure to Assemble the α3 β3 Subcomplex of the ATP Synthase Leads to Accumulation of the α and β Subunits within Inclusion Bodies and the Loss of Mitochondrial Cristae in …
L Lefebvre-Legendre, B Salin, J Schaëffer, D Brèthes, A Dautant, ...
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Structure of a monoclinic crystal form of cytochrome b1 (bacterioferritin) from E. coli
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ATP synthase diseases of mitochondrial genetic origin
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MF Giraud, P Paumard, C Sanchez, D Brèthes, J Velours, A Dautant
Journal of structural biology 177 (2), 490-497, 2012
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