Ibrahim Khalil
Ibrahim Khalil
Spectroscopy, Materials Science, and Heterogeneous Catalysis @ KU Leuven
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Muconic acid isomers as platform chemicals and monomers in the biobased economy
I Khalil, G Quintens, T Junkers, M Dusselier
Green Chemistry 22 (5), 1517-1541, 2020
Selective capture of phenol from biofuel using protonated faujasite zeolites with different Si/Al ratios
I Khalil, H Jabraoui, G Maurin, S Lebègue, M Badawi, K Thomas, F Mauge
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (46), 26419-26429, 2018
Ab initio screening of cation-exchanged zeolites for biofuel purification
H Jabraoui, I Khalil, S Lebègue, M Badawi
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 4 (4), 882-892, 2019
Continuous-Flow Production of Isosorbide from Aqueous-Cellulosic Derivable Feed over Sustainable Heterogeneous Catalysts
F Brandi, I Khalil, M Antonietti, M Al-Naji
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 9, 927-935, 2021
Highly Dispersed Sn-beta Zeolites as Active Catalysts for Baeyer–Villiger Oxidation: The Role of Mobile, In Situ Sn(II)O Species in Solid-State Stannation
E Peeters, G Pomalaza, I Khalil, A Detaille, DP Debecker, AP Douvalis, ...
Acs Catalysis 11 (10), 5984-5998, 2021
Biofuel purification: Coupling experimental and theoretical investigations for efficient separation of phenol from aromatics by zeolites
I Khalil, H Jabraoui, S Lebègue, WJ Kim, LJ Aguilera, K Thomas, F Maugé, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 402, 126264, 2020
Selective elimination of phenol from hydrocarbons by zeolites and silica-based adsorbents–Impact of the textural and acidic properties
I Khalil, K Thomas, H Jabraoui, P Bazin, F Maugé
Journal of hazardous materials 384, 121397, 2020
Interzeolite conversion and the role of aluminum: toward generic principles of acid site genesis and distributions in ZSM-5 and SSZ-13
J Devos, S Robijns, C Van Goethem, I Khalil, M Dusselier
Chemistry of Materials 33 (7), 2516-2531, 2021
Ab initio screening of zeolite Y formulations for efficient adsorption of thiophene in presence of benzene
EP Hessou, H Jabraoui, I Khalil, MA Dziurla, M Badawi
Applied Surface Science 541, 148515, 2021
In situ IR‐ATR study of the interaction of nitrogen heteroaromatic compounds with HY zeolites: experimental and theoretical approaches
I Khalil, CM Celis‐Cornejo, K Thomas, P Bazin, A Travert, ...
ChemCatChem 12, 1095-1108, 2020
A cooperative OSDA blueprint for highly siliceous faujasite zeolite catalysts with enhanced acidity accessibility
Q Ke, I Khalil, B Smeyers, Z Li, R de Oliveira‐Silva, B Sels, D Sakellariou, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 60 (45), 24189-24197, 2021
Tandem Reduction–Reoxidation Augments the Catalytic Activity of Sn-Beta Zeolites by Redispersion and Respeciation of SnO2 Clusters
E Peeters, I Khalil, P Eloy, S Calderon-Ardila, J Dijkmans, P Ferrini, ...
Chemistry of Materials 33 (23), 9366-9381, 2021
Structure and quantification of edge sites of WS2/Al2O3 catalysts coupling IR/CO spectroscopy and DFT calculations
L Zavala‐Sanchez, I Khalil, L Oliviero, JF Paul, F Maugé
ChemCatChem 12, 2066-2076, 2020
A Critical Revisit of Zeolites for CO2 Desorption in Primary Amine Solution Argues Its Genuine Catalytic Function
C Zhou, I Khalil, F Rammal, M Dusselier, P Kumar, M Lacroix, E Makshina, ...
Acs Catalysis 12 (18), 11485-11493, 2022
Engineering low-temperature ozone activation of zeolites: Process specifics, possible mechanisms and hybrid activation methods
J Devos, R Borms, S Robijns, G Ivanushkin, I Khalil, M Dusselier
Chemical Engineering Journal 431, 133862, 2022
Catalytic amination of lactic acid using Ru–zeolites
MA Shah, I Khalil, S Tallarico, T Donckels, P Eloy, DP Debecker, ...
Dalton Transactions 51, 10773-10778, 2022
Brønsted acid catalysis opens a new route to polythiolesters via the direct condensation of thiolactic acid to thiolactide
AS Narmon, E Leys, I Khalil, G Ivanushkin, M Dusselier
Green Chemistry 24 (24), 9709-9720, 2022
ACS Sustainable Chem
D Kerstens, H De Peuter, I Khalil, S Van Praet, J Van Aelst, BF Sels
Eng 9, 4357-4362, 2021
Fast and selective solvent-free branching of unsaturated fatty acids with hierarchical ZSM-5
D Kerstens, H De Peuter, I Khalil, S Van Praet, J Van Aelst, BF Sels
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 9 (12), 4357-4362, 2021
Adsorption of phenol in zeolites: multi-technique modeling
H Jabraoui, G Maurin, S Lebègue, I Khalil, K Thomas, F Maugé, M Badawi
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, V31. 005, 2019
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