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Description and evaluation of the Model for Ozone and Related chemical Tracers, version 4 (MOZART-4)
LK Emmons, S Walters, PG Hess, JF Lamarque, GG Pfister, D Fillmore, ...
Geosci. Model Dev 3 (1), 43-67, 2010
Impact of oceanic warming on the distribution of seaweeds in polar and cold-temperate waters
R Müller, T Laepple, I Bartsch, C Wiencke
Botanica Marina 52 (6), 617-638, 2009
Eemian interglacial reconstructed from a Greenland folded ice core
D Dahl-Jensen, MR Albert, A Aldahan, N Azuma, D Balslev-Clausen, ...
Nature 493 (7433), 489, 2013
A first chronology for the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM) ice core
SO Rasmussen, PM Abbott, T Blunier, AJ Bourne, EJ Brook, SL Buchardt, ...
Climate of the Past 9 (6), 2013
A model-data comparison of the Holocene global sea surface temperature evolution
G Lohmann, M Pfeiffer, T Laepple, G Leduc, JH Kim
Climate of the Past, 1807-1839, 2013
Synchronicity of Antarctic temperatures and local solar insolation on orbital timescales
T Laepple, M Werner, G Lohmann
Nature 471 (7336), 91, 2011
Ocean surface temperature variability: Large model–data differences at decadal and longer periods
T Laepple, P Huybers
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (47), 16682-16687, 2014
High-latitude obliquity as a dominant forcing in the Agulhas current system
T Caley, JH Kim, B Malaizé, J Giraudeau, T Laepple, N Caillon, K Charlier, ...
Climate of the Past 7 (4), 1285-1296, 2011
On the impact of impurities on the densification of polar firn
MW Hörhold, T Laepple, J Freitag, M Bigler, H Fischer, S Kipfstuhl
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 325, 93-99, 2012
Pronounced subsurface cooling of North Atlantic waters off Northwest Africa during Dansgaard–Oeschger interstadials
JH Kim, OE Romero, G Lohmann, B Donner, T Laepple, E Haam, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 339, 95-102, 2012
Global seaweed biogeography under a changing climate: the prospected effects of temperature
I Bartsch, C Wiencke, T Laepple
Seaweed biology, 383-406, 2012
Long-term winter warming trend in the Siberian Arctic during the mid-to late Holocene
H Meyer, T Opel, T Laepple, AY Dereviagin, K Hoffmann, M Werner
Nature Geoscience 8 (2), 122, 2015
Seasonal cycle as template for climate variability on astronomical timescales
T Laepple, G Lohmann
Paleoceanography 24 (4), 2009
Measurements of trace gas distributions using Long-path DOAS-Tomography during the motorway campaign BAB II: experimental setup and results for NO2
I Pundt, KU Mettendorf, T Laepple, V Knab, P Xie, J Lösch, CV Friedeburg, ...
Atmospheric Environment 39 (5), 967-975, 2005
Global and regional variability in marine surface temperatures
T Laepple, P Huybers
Geophysical Research Letters 41 (7), 2528-2534, 2014
Flat meridional temperature gradient in the early Eocene in the subsurface rather than surface ocean
SL Ho, T Laepple
Nature Geoscience 9 (8), 606, 2016
Reconciling discrepancies between Uk37 and Mg/Ca reconstructions of Holocene marine temperature variability
T Laepple, P Huybers
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 375, 418-429, 2013
Longpath DOAS tomography on a motorway exhaust gas plume: numerical studies and application to data from the BAB II campaign
T Laepple, V Knab, KU Mettendorf, I Pundt
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 4 (5), 1323-1342, 2004
Core-scale radioscopic imaging: a new method reveals density-calcium link in Antarctic firn
J Freitag, S Kipfstuhl, T Laepple
J. Glaciol. 59 (218), 1009-1014, 2013
Impurity-controlled densification: a new model for stratified polar firn
J Freitag, S Kipfstuhl, T Laepple, F Wilhelms
Journal of Glaciology 59 (218), 1163-1169, 2013
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