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Evidence of sexual transmission of Zika virus
E D’Ortenzio, S Matheron, X de Lamballerie, B Hubert, G Piorkowski, ...
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Prospective multicenter study of vascular-catheter-related complications and risk factors for positive central-catheter cultures in intensive care unit patients
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A Portrait of the Geographic Dissemination of the Clostridium difficile North American Pulsed-Field Type 1 Strain and the Epidemiology of C. difficile-Associated …
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Late sexual transmission of Zika virus related to persistence in the semen
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Sexual transmission of Zika virus in an entirely asymptomatic couple returning from a Zika epidemic area, France, April 2016
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Seawater temperature, Gambierdiscus spp. variability and incidence of ciguatera poisoning in French Polynesia
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Meningococcal disease and influenza-like syndrome: a new approach to an old question
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Cytotoxic drugs efficacy correlates with adipose tissue docosahexaenoic acid level in locally advanced breast carcinoma
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Haemolytic uraemic syndrome and Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli infection in children in France
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Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Among Nunavik Inuit (Canada)
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What is known about the prevention of congenital toxoplasmosis?
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Long-lasting persistence of Zika virus in semen
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Epidemiological patterns and hospital characteristics associated with increased incidence of Clostridium difficile infection in Quebec, Canada, 1998–2006
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Introduction of SARS in France, March–April, 2003
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Low body mass index is an independent predictive factor of local recurrence after conservative treatment for breast cancer
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Limitations to the universal use of capture-recapture methods
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Typologie et méthode d'évaluation des systèmes de signalement des accidents médicaux et des événements indésirables
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études résultats, 2007
A time series construction of an alert threshold with application to S. Bovismorbificans in France
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Intensive care unit surveillance of influenza infection in France: the 2009/10 pandemic and the three subsequent seasons
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A norovirus oyster-related outbreak in a nursing home in France, January 2012
P Loury, FS Le Guyader, JC Le Saux, K Ambert-Balay, P Parrot, B Hubert
Epidemiology & Infection 143 (12), 2486-2493, 2015
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