Samuel Toucanne
Samuel Toucanne
IFREMER / GEO-OCEAN (Univ. Brest, CNRS, Ifremer)
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An optimized scheme of lettered marine isotope substages for the last 1.0 million years, and the climatostratigraphic nature of isotope stages and substages
LB Railsback, PL Gibbard, MJ Head, NRG Voarintsoa, S Toucanne
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Human impact overwhelms long-term climate control of weathering and erosion in southwest China
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Activity of the turbidite levees of the Celtic–Armorican margin (Bay of Biscay) during the last 30,000 years: imprints of the last European deglaciation and Heinrich events
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R Tada, T Irino, K Ikehara, A Karasuda, S Sugisaki, C Xuan, T Sagawa, ...
Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 5 (1), 1-10, 2018
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