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Julien Charreau
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Mesozoic and Cenozoic tectonic history of the central Chinese Tian Shan: Reactivated tectonic structures and active deformation
M Jolivet, S Dominguez, J Charreau, Y Chen, Y Li, Q Wang
Tectonics 29 (6), 2010
Magnetostratigraphy and rock magnetism of the Neogene Kuitun He section (northwest China): implications for Late Cenozoic uplift of the Tianshan mountains
J Charreau, Y Chen, S Gilder, S Dominguez, JP Avouac, S Sen, D Sun, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 230 (1-2), 177-192, 2005
Magnetostratigraphy of the Yaha section, Tarim Basin (China): 11 Ma acceleration in erosion and uplift of the Tian Shan mountains
J Charreau, S Gilder, Y Chen, S Dominguez, JP Avouac, S Sen, M Jolivet, ...
Geology 34 (3), 181-184, 2006
Neogene uplift of the Tian Shan Mountains observed in the magnetic record of the Jingou River section (northwest China)
J Charreau, Y Chen, S Gilder, L Barrier, S Dominguez, R Augier, S Sen, ...
Tectonics 28 (2), 2009
10Be-derived Himalayan denudation rates and sediment budgets in the Ganga basin
M Lupker, PH Blard, J Lavé, C France-Lanord, L Leanni, N Puchol, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 333, 146-156, 2012
The Neogene Xiyu Formation, a diachronous prograding gravel wedge at front of the Tianshan: Climatic and tectonic implications
J Charreau, C Gumiaux, JP Avouac, R Augier, Y Chen, L Barrier, S Gilder, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 287 (3-4), 298-310, 2009
Paleo-erosion rates in Central Asia since 9 Ma: A transient increase at the onset of Quaternary glaciations?
J Charreau, PH Blard, N Puchol, JP Avouac, E Lallier-Vergès, D Bourlès, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 304 (1-2), 85-92, 2011
Miocene to present kinematics of fault-bend folding across the Huerguosi anticline, northern Tianshan (China), derived from structural, seismic, and magnetostratigraphic data
J Charreau, JP Avouac, Y Chen, S Dominguez, S Gilder
Geology 36 (11), 871-874, 2008
Modeling the shortening history of a fault tip fold using structural and geomorphic records of deformation
M Daëron, JP Avouac, J Charreau
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 112 (B3), 2007
Major temporal variations in shortening rate absorbed along a large active fold of the southeastern Tianshan piedmont (China)
D Saint-Carlier, J Charreau, J Lavé, PH Blard, S Dominguez, JP Avouac, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 434, 333-348, 2016
Lag and mixing during sediment transfer across the Tian Shan piedmont caused by climate‐driven aggradation–incision cycles
LC Malatesta, JP Avouac, ND Brown, SFM Breitenbach, J Pan, ...
Basin Research 30 (4), 613-635, 2018
A high-resolution stable isotopic record from the Junggar Basin (NW China): Implications for the paleotopographic evolution of the Tianshan Mountains
J Charreau, ML Kent-Corson, L Barrier, R Augier, BD Ritts, Y Chen, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 341, 158-169, 2012
Seismic hazard on the French Riviera: observations, interpretations and simulations
F Courboulex, C Larroque, A Deschamps, C Kohrs-Sansorny, C Gélis, ...
Geophysical Journal International 170 (1), 387-400, 2007
Denudation outpaced by crustal thickening in the eastern Tianshan
J Charreau, D Saint-Carlier, S Dominguez, J Lavé, PH Blard, JP Avouac, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 479, 179-191, 2017
In situ cosmogenic 10Be production rate in the High Tropical Andes
LCP Martin, PH Blard, J Lave, R Braucher, M Lupker, T Condom, ...
Quaternary Geochronology 30, 54-68, 2015
Management of ambiguities in magnetostratigraphic correlation
F Lallier, C Antoine, J Charreau, G Caumon, J Ruiu
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 371, 26-36, 2013
Progressive glacial retreat in the Southern Altiplano (Uturuncu volcano, 22 S) between 65 and 14 ka constrained by cosmogenic 3He dating
PH Blard, J Lave, KA Farley, V Ramirez, N Jimenez, LCP Martin, ...
Quaternary Research 82 (1), 209-221, 2014
Lake Tauca highstand (Heinrich Stadial 1a) driven by a southward shift of the Bolivian High
LCP Martin, PH Blard, J Lavé, T Condom, M Prémaillon, V Jomelli, ...
Science advances 4 (8), eaar2514, 2018
Limited impact of Quaternary glaciations on denudation rates in Central Asia
N Puchol, J Charreau, PH Blard, J Lavé, S Dominguez, R Pik, ...
Bulletin 129 (3-4), 479-499, 2017
Basinga: A cell‐by‐cell GIS toolbox for computing basin average scaling factors, cosmogenic production rates and denudation rates
J Charreau, PH Blard, J Zumaque, LCP Martin, T Delobel, L Szafran
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 44 (12), 2349-2365, 2019
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