Jean-Baptiste Juhel
Jean-Baptiste Juhel
PhD marine biology & ecology
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Environmental DNA illuminates the dark diversity of sharks
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Correction: Remote reefs and seamounts are the last refuges for marine predators across the Indo-Pacific
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Base de référence, impacts anthropiques et mesure s de protection pour les requins récifaux de Nouvelle-Calédonie
JB Juhel
Nouvelle Calédonie, 2016
Mission report: LENGGURU 2017 Expedition ‘Biodiversity assessment in reef twilight zone and cloud forests’, R/V AIRAHA 2, 1st October 2017–30th November 2017, Kaimana Regency …
R Hocdé, I Vimono, A Suruwaki, Y Tuti, R Utama, A Mohammad, P Boli, ...
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), France; Pusat Penelitian …, 2020
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