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Self-assembly of nickel phosphate-based nanotubes into two-dimensional crumpled sheet-like architectures for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
NLW Septiani, YV Kaneti, KB Fathoni, J Wang, Y Ide, B Yuliarto, ...
Nano Energy 67, 104270, 2020
General synthesis of hierarchical sheet/plate-like M-BDC (M= Cu, Mn, Ni, and Zr) metal–organic frameworks for electrochemical non-enzymatic glucose sensing
G Gumilar, YV Kaneti, J Henzie, S Chatterjee, J Na, B Yuliarto, N Nugraha, ...
Chemical science 11 (14), 3644-3655, 2020
Polymer nanocomposites having a high filler content: synthesis, structures, properties, and applications
C Harito, DV Bavykin, B Yuliarto, HK Dipojono, FC Walsh
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Self-templated fabrication of hierarchical hollow manganese-cobalt phosphide yolk-shell spheres for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction
YV Kaneti, Y Guo, NLW Septiani, M Iqbal, X Jiang, T Takei, B Yuliarto, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 405, 126580, 2021
Defect-rich hierarchical porous UiO-66 (Zr) for tunable phosphate removal
M Li, Y Liu, F Li, C Shen, YV Kaneti, Y Yamauchi, B Yuliarto, B Chen, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 55 (19), 13209-13218, 2021
Self-assembly of two-dimensional bimetallic nickel–cobalt phosphate nanoplates into one-dimensional porous chainlike architecture for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
NLW Septiani, YV Kaneti, KB Fathoni, K Kani, AE Allah, B Yuliarto, ...
Chemistry of Materials 32 (16), 7005-7018, 2020
Borophene: two-dimensional boron monolayer: synthesis, properties, and potential applications
YV Kaneti, DP Benu, X Xu, B Yuliarto, Y Yamauchi, D Golberg
Chemical Reviews 122 (1), 1000-1051, 2021
Holey assembly of two‐dimensional iron‐doped nickel‐cobalt layered double hydroxide nanosheets for energy conversion application
NLW Septiani, YV Kaneti, Y Guo, B Yuliarto, X Jiang, Y Ide, N Nugraha, ...
ChemSusChem 13 (6), 1645-1655, 2020
Designing bipyridine-functionalized zirconium metal–organic frameworks as a platform for clean energy and other emerging applications
TN Tu, MV Nguyen, HL Nguyen, B Yuliarto, KE Cordova, S Demir
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 364, 33-50, 2018
Tailorable nanoarchitecturing of bimetallic nickel–cobalt hydrogen phosphate via the self-weaving of nanotubes for efficient oxygen evolution
NLW Septiani, YV Kaneti, KB Fathoni, Y Guo, Y Ide, B Yuliarto, X Jiang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 (6), 3035-3047, 2020
Development of battery monitoring system in smart microgrid based on internet of things (IoT)
K Friansa, IN Haq, BM Santi, D Kurniadi, E Leksono, B Yuliarto
Procedia engineering 170, 482-487, 2017
Chemical design of palladium‐based nanoarchitectures for catalytic applications
M Iqbal, YV Kaneti, J Kim, B Yuliarto, YM Kang, Y Bando, Y Sugahara, ...
Small 15 (6), 1804378, 2019
The development of wearable polymer-based sensors: Perspectives
C Harito, L Utari, BR Putra, B Yuliarto, S Purwanto, SZJ Zaidi, DV Bavykin, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 167 (3), 037566, 2020
Green synthesis of metal oxide nanostructures using naturally occurring compounds for energy, environmental, and bio-related applications
B Yuliarto, NLW Septiani, YV Kaneti, M Iqbal, G Gumilar, M Kim, J Na, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 43 (40), 15846-15856, 2019
Nitrogen, phosphorus co-doped eave-like hierarchical porous carbon for efficient capacitive deionization
H Zhang, C Wang, W Zhang, M Zhang, J Qi, J Qian, X Sun, B Yuliarto, ...
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1D-2D hybridization: nanoarchitectonics for grain boundary-rich platinum nanowires coupled with MXene nanosheets as efficient methanol oxidation electrocatalysts
W Meng, H He, L Yang, Q Jiang, B Yuliarto, Y Yamauchi, X Xu, H Huang
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SnO2 Nanostructure as Pollutant Gas Sensors: Synthesis, Sensing Performances, and Mechanism
B Yuliarto, G Gumilar, NLW Septiani
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The development of gas sensor based on carbon nanotubes
NLW Septiani, B Yuliarto
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 163 (3), B97, 2016
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