Christophe Eloy
Christophe Eloy
IRPHE, Ecole Centrale Marseille, France
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Flutter of a rectangular plate
C Eloy, C Souilliez, L Schouveiler
Journal of fluids and structures 23 (6), 904-919, 2007
Aeroelastic instability of cantilevered flexible plates in uniform flow
C Eloy, R Lagrange, C Souilliez, L Schouveiler
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 611, 97-106, 2008
Optimal Strouhal number for swimming animals
C Eloy
Journal of Fluids and Structure 30, 205-208, 2012
Three-dimensional instability of Burgers and Lamb-Oseen vortices in a strain field
C Eloy, S Le Dizès
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 378 (1), 145-166, 1999
Stability of the Rankine vortex in a multipolar strain field
C Eloy, S Le Dizès
Physics of Fluids 13, 660, 2001
Leonardo’s Rule, Self-Similarity, and Wind-Induced Stresses in Trees
C Eloy
Physical Review Letters 107 (25), 258101, 2011
The origin of hysteresis in the flag instability
C Eloy, N Kofman, L Schouveiler
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 691, 583, 2012
A rotating fluid cylinder subject to weak precession
P Meunier, C Eloy, R Lagrange, FCO Nadal
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 599, 405-440, 2008
Elliptic and triangular instabilities in rotating cylinders
C Eloy, P Le Gal, S Le Dizès
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 476, 357-388, 2003
Experimental study of the multipolar vortex instability
C Eloy, P Le Gal, S Le Dizès
Physical Review Letters 85 (16), 3400-3403, 2000
Flutter of an elastic plate in a channel flow: Confinement and finite-size effects
O Doaré, M Sauzade, C Eloy
Journal of Fluids and Structures, 2010
Stochastic aspects of the force network in a regular granular piling
C Eloy, E Clément
Journal de Physique I 7 (12), 1541-1558, 1997
Instability of a fluid inside a precessing cylinder
R Lagrange, C Eloy, F Nadal, P Meunier
Physics of Fluids 20, 081701, 2008
Coupled flutter of parallel plates
L Schouveiler, C Eloy
Physics of fluids 21, 081703, 2009
Demography and Life Histories of Sympatric Patas Monkeys, Erythrocebus patas, and Vervets, Cercopithecus aethiops, in Laikipia, Kenya
LA Isbell, TP Young, KE Jaffe, AA Carlson, RL Chancellor
International journal of primatology 30 (1), 103-124, 2009
On the best design for undulatory swimming
C Eloy
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 717, 48-89, 2013
Kinematics of the most efficient cilium
C Eloy, E Lauga
Physical Review Letters 109 (3), 038101, 2012
Free-surface formulation of mantle convection—II. Implication for subduction-zone observables
M Gurnis, C Eloy, S Zhong
Geophysical Journal International 127 (3), 719-727, 1996
Precessional instability of a fluid cylinder
R Lagrange, P Meunier, F Nadal, C Eloy
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 666, 104-145, 2011
Flow-induced vibrations of high mass ratio flexible filaments freely hanging in a flow
L Schouveiler, C Eloy, P Le Gal
Physics of Fluids 17, 047104, 2005
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